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rangerrich99 05-04-2011 11:39 PM

Montana-bound May 11-18
Okay, so I'm going to visit friends and family in MT between May 11 through 18, and I might get a couple days to do a little fishing.

Question 1: Is anyone out there familiar with the streams and lakes around Kalispell (think I spelled that right)? My buddy says we will probably at least fish the Bitterroot and the Blackfoot. But he is unsure of what lakes would be good. I'm not looking for your honeyhole, just the names of some streams and lakes that might have some decent fishing for me and my godchildren (5 and 6). Think relatively late starts and early departures, after all we are talking little kids here.

Note: I'm bringing a Cabela's Stowaway 9 ft 5 wt, an Allen 5/6 reel spooled with Rio Grand 5wf-f line. Since this trip is more about visiting family, I plan on only bringing a couple small boxes of flies, no other lines or reels. No sink tips, or anything fancy at all. We'll probably be fishing from the bank, sans waders, unless we get access to a boat.

My second question: does anyone have some ideas on what flies I should bring for the middle of May? I'm hoping for some kind of dry fly action for myself and my buddy, as we'll probably just tie on some buggers for the kids. But any help you guys might have would be great. Thanks in advance.


littledavid123 05-05-2011 08:46 PM

Re: Montana-bound May 11-18

I would call Stumptown Anglers out of Whitefish (10 miles North of Kalispell) 1-406-862-4554 They have treated me well in the past and am sure they would be willing to help you. Also you can call Arends Fly Shop in Columbia Falls (it's worth the trip over just to see all of the flies made by him. 1-406-892-2033

Hungry Horse is a lake that you should see and if you take the time to drive up towards the south end you will find some nice streams running into the lake. (Can't miss them). Don't forget to watch the tall trees driving in for eagle nests.:)

Don't know if you have been up there before but if not you should go see Glacier National Park, to early for Going To The Sun Road but still a MUST SEE. If you are going to the Blackfoot then you will be driving thru the town where I plan on retiring Seeley Lake.:D

If you are thinking about a guide PM me and I can give you the name and number of who I use.


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