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  1. Default I need a rod for my mom

    Well I just got a call and my mom wants to learn to fly I need a low end fly rod for my mom to use to learn.
    I have a few things to trade if anyone will trade.

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    Default Re: I need a rod for my mom

    Nothing to trade, but if you want a low cost beginner rod, check out the Flextec CRX88. It'll run you about $83 off ebay, including shipping. There's some reviews of it on the UK forums. Got one for my son and I'm quite pleased with it. I should say that I still consider myself a flyfishing noob, so have a look at what's on the UK side about it.

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    Default Re: I need a rod for my mom

    Take a look at the fairly new TFO Bug Launcher. Smaller grips for smaller hands, $79.99.

    Bug Launchers.

    FlatsLander Guide Service

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    You can get the Martin Caddis rod and reel for 20.00. You just have to add backing line and tippet. Thats the rod I use and works pretty good. I'm getting ready to build my rod.

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    Default Re: I need a rod for my mom

    A Cabelas Three Forks will run you about $50-$60. I have one and like it and most comments are favorable. You'd need a reel--a Pflueger medalist would set her up nicely.

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