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  1. Default Re: My new Sage ZXL 9' #5 weight

    I have an 8' 4 wt ZXL & love it. Great small stream, brookie rod.

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    Default Re: My new Sage ZXL 9' #5 weight

    I've had the same rod for about a year, the ZXL 9' 5 weight, and it's my favorite rod. It enables you to slow down your casting stroke, but when you apply power for distance, it responds very well. I don't have any concerns regarding distance, since this rod seems to put it where I want.

    Originally tried SA GPX I had for a faster 5 weight, and didn't like it. I'm now fishing with SA Mastery Trout, and it feels right for the rod. You certainly don't need to overline these rods. The rod makes it easy to apply touch and accuracy. Sage has a winner here, and this rod makes fishing fun.

    You're going to enjoy your ZXL!

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