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    Default I'm Going to Miss the "Rabble"...REALLY

    I went to Tyler State Park today, and found a couple other fly anglers. The regular afternoon crowd has come to know us, and has shown a genuine interest in flyfishing. A bridge crosses the stream, and is less than two feet above water level. Dozens of people cross that bridge every 15 minutes, and I fish the pool and run on the immediate downstream side of the bridge. Many of these people stop to ask how the fishing's been, show their kids ff'ing, and even take pictures today(!). I decided to exagerrate my casting motions for two photographers today, using a double-haul to cast 20 feet,etc.

    Alas, this section of the stream has been cleaned out by the catch and keep anglers, and I'll have to move to another stream. I've often thought it would be nice to share those moments when a trout jumps, and the folks that frequent the park were a great audience. Both they and I enjoyed it, and now it's over until next year. While I was angry that people were throwing rocks a couple weeks ago, I'm going to miss the company of the good people....

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    Default Re: I'm Going to Miss the "Rabble"...REALLY

    Hi Frank

    I see to of lifes lessons in all this.

    1) You have to take the bad with the good

    2) You never know what you have until it's gone

    If only we lived in a perfect world!
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

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    Default Re: I'm Going to Miss the "Rabble"...REALLY

    See i think it is more a lack of common sense and lack of respect for others, that frank was upset about more so than the people themselves as that is the problem i have, i like it when people stop and ask me how the fishing is and so on and so forth it is just the blatant disrespect for others, there thing's and the surroundings that strikes a nerve for me, but fighting ignorance with ignorance never solves anything. glad to hear your still fishing frank lol.

    And Davo is right good with bad.
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    Default Re: I'm Going to Miss the "Rabble"...REALLY

    have a look here Frank.... A river runs....downstairs!

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