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Thread: I could use a few quick tips for rain fishing

  1. Default I could use a few quick tips for rain fishing

    well going out rain or shine,,,on the river when the sun comes up...I could use a few tips on rain fishing...

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    Default Re: I could use a few quick tips for rain fishing

    Take an umbrella-- It will aid in keeping you dry.

    Alright--on a more serious note: What specifically are you wondering about?

    I don't really know for sure, but I'd suspect that dries wouldn't be overly productive-- as few bugs are out 'flying around' in the rain.... Also, any top water patterns will likely need to be tied with a little more materials (more 'bulk) as the rain will dimple the water's surface and obscure anything on it. Also on waters that are generally fairly still, the rain will cloud and murk the water up.... (this is all presuming that you don't have very fast water to begin with...)

    Nymphing I'd think little would change rain or no rain....

    wets/ Streamers would be my 'simple way out'... especially wets that look like something that would be washed into the water by the rain....

    Not sure why I replied, as these are all just ideas that seem logical (in my mind, anyway)-- not proven techniques... rainy here-- not able to work, and bored, I suppose.

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