I need a small inflatable boat that I can stash in my car and inflate whenever needed with an electric pump, and possibly use with a Minn Kota electric trolling motor. It would be for use in still water lakes only. My budget is $500 max. I've looked at a wide variety of inflatable boats that seem to fit this profile.

The Sevylor Fish Hunter seems good, is very affordable, and has a large number of very positive reviews on Amazon. It can attach the trolling motor and has optional upgrades like wood floor boards. The 9 foot one is not too small for me since I just plan on using it by myself. It seems to have a decent amount of space for gear and a cooler. There's also a Fish Master and Fish Ranger; don't know what the advantage of those are over the Fish Hunter.

The Intex Mariner and Sea Hawk also seem pretty good, and has a similar number of glowing reviews on Amazon. I am not sure if a motor can be put onto it.

The Sea Eagle boats look very nice, although they're slightly more expensive. There seem to be several different websites all maintained by Sea Eagle which offer the same information and link to the same products. I would think that the Sea Eagle boats would be a step up above Sevylor because (as far as I know) Sea Eagle is a dedicated inflatable boat company whereas Sevylor seems to be one of several brands owned by a large company (Coleman, I think.) The Sea Eagle's website is also extremely professional and slick, though I'm aware this doesn't necessarily have any bearing on the product of their quality.

What do you think? Could I get some input from anyone here who owns any of these boats, and some comparisons? Thanks so much in advance.