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  1. Default New to fly fishing! Help needed!

    Hey guys im not new to fishing but I am new to fly fishing. Anyways I would like to get start fly fishing this year. I really dont know where to start but can anybody give me some advice. Also I've been looking into buying these two ebooks. They both look amazing! So im wondering if any body has tried them? Please let me know if you can help and here are the links. Thanks

    Fly Fishing From Scratch - The Web's Number One Fly Fishing Guide for Beginners!
    Fly Fishing Guidebook :: Homepage

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    Default Re: New to fly fishing! Help needed!

    Hey Agl welcome to the forum, there's a bunch of friendly folks here that can help you get going.

    You've got a big advantage over a lot of folks since you've been fishing for a while--- so you already know the drill about where to find fish. And once you get going, after a little casting practice, you'll have a blast.

    I think you'll find that there are a ton of free resources on the web for you that you can find with a little googling, and there's a ton of info on this site in the FAQ section and past threads--- we get a lot of folks asking questions about starting up in fly fishing.

    Tell us what kind of fish you'll be chasing and let us know where you are. That will tell folks a lot about the basic gear you'll need such as the "line weight" of (rod/reel/line) to look at. From there it's just a question of narrowing in on a budget---- and the good news is that there are a lot of great choices at different price points.

    For now I would hold off on the ebooks and let us know where you are and what you'll be fishing for.

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    Default Re: New to fly fishing! Help needed!

    to the should already find tons of infos and tips here...and great people to help you.

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    Default Re: New to fly fishing! Help needed!

    Welcome to te Forum, and follow Peregrines advice...


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    Default Re: New to fly fishing! Help needed!

    Peregrines advice is right on the money; with that info the experts here can give you some recommendations on a good selection of equipment. After you provide the basic info (your budget, where you will be fishing, and what kind of fish) you can do a little searching on this forum, and then do a couple of searches on the internet for "Introduction to Fly Fishing" or "Beginner's Fly Fishing" for some basic info, and then do a search on youtube for "Beginning Fly Fishing", "Fly Fishing Casting" and "Getting Started in Fly Fishing". Excellent instructional videos from Mel Krieger and others are available at no cost.

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