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Thread: Lightning

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    Yesterday in Bridgeport man was killed and three injured when lightening struck the jetty they were fishing

    Not that I don't respect lightning, but I don't always run for cover at the first flash either.
    The news story reminded me of a day on the bridge in the picture below.
    On a dropping tide large stripers will sit in the outflow of those culverts and feed on herring. The locals are well aware of this and line up across the flow. A fly fisherman would not be welcome during prime time.
    One day we were having our lunch and watching the action when a thunderstorm came up and surprisingly, all the fishermen left and the bridge was empty
    I couldn't help myself and took advantage of the situation, fishing during the crashing thunder and downpour. I caught a couple of nice fish that day and have always thought that I made a good call fishing that outflow when I had the chance.
    Today, after seeing this news, I'm questioning the sanity of my actions that day. While there's hills on both sides of that flow, I was definitely the tallest thing in the immediate area.
    If the same situation came up today, I think that I might stay in the car instead of out in the rain, swinging a 9' lightning rod.

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    I know you've seen the picture I've posted before, with what a fishing/lightening rod looks like after a minor strike. I'd be in the car before the lightening happens ... at the first distant sound of thunder!!!

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    Even though I know it's not the right answer I do like you and don't run for cover unless it's really close. Bad, huh?
    Years ago my brother-in-law was setting under Trevino's umbrella at the Western Open. Lightning hit the lake and "spidered" (shot fingers in diferent directions). It got him, Lee Trevino, and Bobby Nichols on the opposite side of the lake. All survived but all had follow up problems. Just shows that it doesn't have to be a direct hit. It can hit the water anywhere and get you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Auntie Em View Post
    I know you've seen the picture I've posted before, with what a fishing/lightening rod looks like after a minor strike. I'd be in the car before the lightening happens ... at the first distant sound of thunder!!!
    Actually that is the safest thing to do - meteorologists say that lightening can leap ahead and strike up to several miles from where it last hit. So when you see lightening in the distance, or hear thunder, even several miles away, the safest thing to do is get out of the water.

    As mentioned, the lightening does not even have to hit you, it can just hit the water any where near you - and of course, holding those 9' graphite lightening rods up in the air really does not help the situation at all.

    Now I have to admit, like Rip, I have stayed in the water when I heard thunder and it was raining, and the fishing really turned on - I had a blast (no pun intended). But when I see the first flash of lightening, I am out of there!

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    Default Re: Lightning

    Lightning is a fine form of population control.
    The nicest guy I ever knew walked his dog in blue sky conditions out in the desert, one little cloud miles away. No warning, and no future.
    When it gets to crackling, I ask my clients, you want to live, or do you want to fish?
    Most get the answer right.

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    I used to shoot skeet a few years back. There was an interesting article about lightning (because skeet/trap shooters are sometimes a avid as fishermen and wait until the last minute to leave). From what I remember, lightning can strike up to 15 miles ahead of the storm, but almost never behind the front.
    It's not the heat, it's the stupidity.
    What manner of jackassery will I be subjected to today?

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    Not really fly fishing related but it is lightning related. When I was 14 I was golfing with an older gentleman I got paired up with. It was an august afternoon so we got thunderstorms later in the days, (southwest Wyoming). When we got on the 11th T box there was some lighting getting pretty close, the guy I was golfing with said lets wait this out under one of the lightning shelters. As we were waiting it out a guy playing by himself played through. The 11th T box has a metal chain link fencer near it, less than 4 ft away. As he was in his back swing, lighting struck the fence. It was the loudest thing Ive heard to this day. Needless to say he was missing hair on one side of his body. He packed his clubs up and ran to the clubhouse. We didn't feel too bad cause we suggested he wait it out with us. I felt really lucky I got paired up the wiser Gentleman cause I probably would have kept playing.

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