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Thread: Water Bailiffs

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    Can anybody tell me if Criminal checks are done for applicants to be Water Bailiffs in Scotland? Also do they get paid?


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    Hey kingsley, welcome to the forum. I hope some of our folks from Scotland weigh in on this. In the meantime, here's a link that might give you some info

    Careers Scotland - Water Keeper/Water Bailiff

    It looks like pay typically ranges from 18-25,000 pounds.

    And according to the info in the link, Water Bailiffs have different responsibilities in Scotland than in other parts of Great Britain, including what we in the US would call "police powers" of search and arrest. Since that is the case, then I would think that potential applicants would undergo a criminal check (but I don't know this for sure and the link doesn't say so). Click on the "Useful Contacts" tab in the above link for people you can contact for more info.

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