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  1. Default going to guide school in june

    after having pointless jobs that go no where. iv decided its time to give my dreams at least a chance. its a one week event and they teach you everything there is to know about guiding. They also refer you to other places for work. And they said sometimes they take graduates and have them work with their guides. to me it sounds exciting and im ready!

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    Default Re: going to guide school in june

    Good luck with your dream...


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    Good for you follow that dream.

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    Default Re: going to guide school in june

    Good luck! Which guide school did you decide on?


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    Question Re: going to guide school in june

    I'm certainly not a guide, but I've been fortunate to have the services of some good ones over the years. It's hard to believe that in "a one week event . . . they teach you everything there is to know about guiding." Might be a good idea to ask them where they've placed graduates or how many of their graduates are working as full-time guides. Possibly you could even check with some of them on how much the school helped them before you commit your money. Really hope it works out for you. I'm sure more of us wish we'd followed our dreams at some point. Good luck!
    On the whole, I'd rather be in Wyoming . . .

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    i agree. i dont think they can teach you everything there is to know about guiding hah. i was just trying to say they teach you alot that has to do with guiding, to help you when your on the river with people. i re-read my post again and it does sound silly. theres guides who have been guiding there whole lives and im sure they still learn new things all the time.

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    I have had a few friends go through the Clearwater House in Cali and all have said it was a great experience with a ton of info for you to use on the river. Guide school won't teach you everything you need to know about fishing but it gives you direction on how to handle clients and their lack of experience. The fishing part you should already know about.
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    Some good advice here. If the cost is significant I would check references before I invested time and money. Hard to beleive one week training would lead to a very good job. Outfitting is a very difficult porfession to be successful in and is a much more challanging job than one would think. I have met some very successfull and happy guides and envy them. Most do it part time for the enjoyment more than as a means to make a living. Good luck..

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    There is not much money in guiding if done through a retail shop. Most do it for the pro form and the enjoyment in it. Not very profitable at least around here. Doing it on your own is a little better money wise but harder to book trips.
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    Default Re: going to guide school in june

    Most good Trout water here (and many places) is National forest land, and so you need to be on a permit. They don't give those away, and that means getting on with an outfitter, and giving them a cut (20-40%). To a large extent the days of the freelance guide are over.
    I do well guiding and enjoy it as much as anything I've done. Would I suggest anyone try this for a living? No.
    But, if you are the type to not take no for an answer, maybe.
    Until you chase clients and fish all day every day, you'll have know idea how hard guiding really is. The glowing romance fades quickly. That just leaves the guys who have to do it.
    Those are the guides you want, not part timers anyway. Some clients skip booking with a shop for that reason. I eat, sleep, and breath, fly fishing. No honey dos, no safety net or 401K's. no dinner either. Just tye flies, patch waders, get ready for tommorow and go to bed..
    Yesterday, after a clinic, a client lhooked/landed a 25" wild bow, on the first drift.
    That is why I guide! Not the money, not standing in a stream everyday, watching birds, bugs, etc... and yes, I do see something new everyday.


    ps. and no, a week long school won't do it, but it's good start. Good luck Work2fish.
    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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