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Thread: leader and tippet question

  1. Default leader and tippet question

    i new to fly fishing , today wa my 1st. doin it. now i have a 5-6 wgt. 8' rod w/floating line iv'e just been useing the leader and fly but seem to be cliping it back and i know thats not what it's ment for , i have a replacment leader 7' 7lb. test and what size tippet should i be useing and how long should be and giving the fact i will be clipping it back to use diff. fly's at what length should i get rid of it and add a longer tippet? oh this is for trout.

    can i use a bigger test and a thicker tippet with this setup for large mouth.

    is there a chart for leader and tippet recomendations........ thanks

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    Default Re: leader and tippet question


    Hi and welcome to the forum, there are charts and you can find them by using goggle search and the right words. As for getting into how to add to a leader, I will be brief. If you know how to tie 'Blood Knots' good, if you don't then you will need to learn.

    When your leader is growing short from the tying of new flies and the subsequent loss of material you can add more material when ever you deem it necessary. It is best to make the knot before you use up all the ? lb test that is now your tippet. The knots are more dependable if the sizes of the two strands of mono are within .05 of one another.

    You will need to improve your knots when adding a fly so that you are not loosing 3 - 4" of tippet every time you tie on a fly.

    As for beefing up to heavier tippet.............. I'll get to that in another post or someone else will answer that for you.


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    Default Re: leader and tippet question

    Joni.... Paging Joni...... Joni to the white courtesy phone, please.....

    Hi Tav,

    Welcome to the forum. Joni is a member here and she makes and sells furled leaders (google: 'furled leaders'). I build my own furled, so haven't used her leaders--- but many here can attest to her leaders as well as the reasons to use a furled leader.

    As hardy mentioned, there are general 'rules' about tippets based on the size of bug you are throwing. I ^think^ the general rule is divide hook size by 3 to determine the 'X' rating on tippet..... ie-- size 12 bug (div. by 3)= 4X tippet.....

    with regard to bass-- they don't seem to be overly line shy.... I fish predominantly for bass and I use furled leader (as mentioned before) with regular mono (I'm cheap.... )--- usually in 4 or 6 lb. test as 'tippet'--

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: leader and tippet question

    I'd reccomend a 9' 3x tapered leader with 4x tippet for both a dry dropper rig and just to add extra line.

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    Default Re: leader and tippet question

    After my leader gets to short, I tie on a 2mm nickle tippet ring and then tie on new tippet to that. This keeps me from buying leaders all the time, only tippet material. I've ordered some furled leaders with a tippet ring so I'll be giving those a try when they arrive.

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    Default Re: leader and tippet question

    Hey Tav welcome to the forum.

    Here's a link for some knots you should know. For joining tippet to the end of your leader, use a Blood Knot as Ard suggested or a Double (or Triple) Surgeons (much easier but a bit less reliable than the blood knot):

    Grog's Fishing Knots Index

    As others have suggested, a 3x leader would be a good place to start and add a spool or two/three of tippet to cover the size of flies you fish. (Hook size divided by 3).

    For throwing wind resistant stuff like poppers or heavily weighted flies like clousers for bass. I like a short, heavy 8' leader tapered to 0X or 1X (around 10-8lbs). For tippet, I'd add 2' or so of 6-8lb test (regular mono fishing line or tippet)

    There was a recent thread about making bass leaders here:
    Tappered Leaders

    "Furled leaders" are also a great solution, basically they are made with many strands of filament ending in a small tippet ring, and you just tie a few feet of tippet to the ring.

    Keep asking questions as you get them, and take a browse through some of old threads and the FAQ section. There's lots of info here already as well as a bunch of helpful folks here that can help get you started.

    Good luck!

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