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    Hi folks,
    Sorry if this isn't the right place to post, but I have a really basic question. I have an old inexpensive 6-7 wt 8 1/2 foot rod and I'd like to try some panfishing with it. All of the books I have read show knots to use to tie the leader to the line, but not how to remove it. For example, if I use a nail knot to attach the leader, if I want to change it I have to clip off part of the line. Won't that eventually mess up the fly line? I have heard of using loops, but how do you put a loop in the fly line? Any suggestions for leader/tippet combinations?
    Thank you for your help,

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    hey Jeff,don't worry about clipping a 1/4 or 1/8th inch of your fly line off,myself I only change the "butt"section of my leader 2-3 times a year so not enough damage is done to the line to notice.
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    Thanks Aaron. One more. I assume that the diameter of the tippet should be close to the diameter of the end of the leader. Is that correct?

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    Well never go larger,so if you are useing a 4x leader,and need it longer 4x-6x tippet is fine.keep in mind leaders are tapered,so if you have changed many flies from your leader a 4x may be 3x by the time you want to add tippet. So a 2' peice of 4x then 5x or 6x.Does that make sence?So basically keep the leader tapered.Most of the time I use a 9' 4x leader for MOST of my trout fishing needs,Then 5x tippet is added,if I feel I can handle the size of fish I am likely to encounter on 5x.If I can get away with it I will keep 4x tippet on the leader.But different situations call for different tippet diameter and lenghs.A good rule of thumb is to use the strongest leader and tippet possable without spooking fish and that will still "turn "your fly over.

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    Hey thanks Aaron. That information is a big help. I'll be trying that out this weekend!
    Thanks again,

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    to keep from having to worry about clipping off your fly line check out cortland's braided leader connectors or scientific anglers l2l connectors.(i believe that's what there called) theres a post on them by doug macnair.

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    There is another option, you can always fold your fly line over into a loop, then simply nail knot over the tag end to form the loop. After I do this I like to put a small bead of LOON'S UV KNOT SENSE. It requires UV light to be activated. Put it on in the shade and then place in direct sunlight for 5 seconds. It dries hard and it floats. I do this to all my lines.

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    Thanks for the tips! I may try the loops but I've got a feeling I'll just go back to tying the knots.
    Thanks again,

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    For what it's worth, I turn my fly line into the loop. Very small, plus with red thread I have a built in indicator.

    I do have a needle knot connection on some, but Sylk has an inner core that prevents it, plus I use furled leaders with the loop. It doesn't get hung in the guides

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