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    Default Ever heard of this book?

    Hey everyone,
    Has anyone read the book "good flies" by John Gierach? Just got it today from Trout Unlimited and woundered if it was a good read. It looks pretty good to me. I'm going to start reading it tonight.


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    Default Re: Ever heard of this book?

    New one on me, but there's so many of 'these books,' unless your an avid reader/huge book shelves .. who knows?

    Sorry, no intent to be a "sour grape."

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    Default Re: Ever heard of this book?

    While I've read many of John Gierach's books (essay collections really, with a few of exceptions), but have only flipped through the pages of Good Flies. If you get a chance, Dave Hughes Essential Trout Flies is an excellent book. Hughes doesn't have Gierach sense of wit, but so you might need both books. I actually had Good Flies in my hands Saturday night. I wonder how much Gierach has made with his writings.......

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    Default Re: Ever heard of this book?

    My guess is you're going to see a lot of A.K. Best's influence in Gierach's fly selection: they're buddies. If you like his bugs, you might want to pick up one of A.K.'s books.

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    I have it on my wishlist and was thinking about ordering it this weekend.

    I do have Dave Hughes "Essentail Trout Flies" which I believe is a must have for any fly fisherman. Hughes's "Handbook of Hatches" is also another must have along with "Orvis's Guide to Prospecting for Trout."

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