Here's a little update after papa bear took another trip to northern NY after a cold front blew through that brought with it another foot of snow, lowered the temperatures to 44 degrees. The insect activity was at a bare minimum, and even the baitfish were inactive. The trip as a result was mostly spin fishing. And although it was slow going all weekend, we managed to catch several trout in the 15-20 inch range. A few large trout were broken off as you can see in the video below, and Papa Bear himself lost a nice 18 incher right at the net..... yes, fumbling with the brand new catch and release net that I promised to start using cost the old master a huge trout on a particularly slow day... it was a bitter sweet experience you might say.

Here is the video that just finished uploading:

[ame=]YouTube - tough going May 2010.wmv[/ame]

Here is a screen grab of one the nice trout landed:

Hopefully the next trip up the first week of June produces better conditions overall, and rest assured the bulk of the footage will be fly fishing photos and videos over the course of that week.

Tight lines.