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    Default Old Patterns, Seldom Seen;

    I just made a post in which I mentioned "the spirit of those who have went before us". Given a little thought I decided this subject needs to have a thread.

    In today's age of 'You Tube' fame let us not overlook the things that have endured long before the cyber age and will exist way beyond my years. I'm talking about those people, some famous and well known within fly fishing circles and those a bit more obscure. Names like Theodore Gordon are well known due to his writing and of course the Quill Gordon and Bumble Puppy left as part of his legacy. I often use the Light Cahill dry fly, Mr Cahill I understand was a railroad worker who tied flies and sparse is the number of fly fishers who have not heard of the Light Cahill. The cornucopia of fly patterns left to us by those who have long since passed is part and parcel of what feeds and sustains the sport of fly fishing and the art of tying currently. Few if any of us even with our digital cameras recording success on the water and the Internet to support our being able to beam images around the globe will find our names enshrined in the history of fly fishing. Let us not get so caught up in the idea of our own prowess that we forget those who broke the trail. I know this reads a little on the rhetorical but I felt it relevant.

    This would be a good place to post a picture of one of your classic flies with a brief mention of the originator. I will tie up a Quill Gorden and a Light Cahill and post them onto this thread soon but you're welcome to beat me to it. I don't have any that have not been used...............


    Well, it's been 8 years since I tied one of these but this is the basic tie I used for the Cahill. Recipe below image;


    Thread: Ginger
    Hook: Tiemco 100 size 12 or 14
    Tail: Light cream ginger barbs
    Body: Dubbed belly fur of a red fox (road kill near Cedar Run years ago)
    Wing: Wood Duck flank
    Hackle Light cream ginger

    Well I haven't tied that Quill Gordon yet but tomorrow is another day. Here are a couple more of the old patterns that made up part of my dry fly stable in the East. I believe these are all size 18 or 20's they are from my dry fly boxes.

    From Ray Bergman's index in Trout, The Iron Blue Dunn; This is an old pattern of British origin, here on a #20

    The Pink Lady; Originated by George LaBranche, another Catskill pattern, here on a #20

    My Little Pale Evening Dunn; Tied on a #18

    Little Blue Dunn;

    Another of unknown origin but born out of the same North Central PA. and Catskill region of tying, here on a #20
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    Default Re: To Those Who Have Went Before...........

    Well I've been filling my saltwater boxes and I wanted to share an early, simple pattern originated by author and saltwater pioneer Joe Brooks.
    The Brook's Blonde.
    The blonde pattern is tied in various color combinations and they're named appropriately. Platnium Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Black,Honey, Irish, etc.
    The ones I tie for myself are olive over yellow over white, the Ray's fly colors. I guess you could call it a Ray's blonde
    Blondes have evolved over time to the Stacked Blonde > the High-Tie > the High/low Tie > to now what is commonly known today as a Puglisi style. But the original is still an effective pattern
    I'm not able to share a picture of one of mine, but here's an Argentine Blonde from Martha's Vineyard fly tier, the Rev. Page Rodgers.

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    Default Re: To Those Who Have Went Before...........

    the best dry fly to use just before dark in heavy riffles and pocket water....

    the original Ausable Wulff, by the late Fran Betters.

    sorry for the photo but that is the original pattern by Fran himself, tied with the orange Australian possum body... not tan.

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