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Thread: MN opener

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    I went out for the fishing opener here in MN. I have been at this fly fishing thing for a while now and its finally coming together, i started tying my own flies and practicing casting, and with advice from this forum, the hard work finally paid off. I managed to hook this bass and 3 pike, the largest only being about 26 inches but, it was still fun. This was the only pic i got because it was raining, not sure on the length but it ran about 4.5lbs. Big thanks to everyone who has helped me out.

    [IMG]<a href=";current=flyrodlargemouth.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>[/IMG]

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    It seems to have had a little technical problem with the photo. I am attempting to repost it for you.

    Hey, it worked! Nice Bass.
    This is a Smallmouth I got the day after opener.

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    Thanks Dan!

    I was kind of wondering what happend there, i copied the link from my photo bucket account but it didnt seem to go through. Thats a nice lookin smallie. The weather on opeinging day was pretty bad here but, it was pretty cool to finally catch some fish on the fly.

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    Very nice MN fish guys!! I'm hoping to hook a few there in a few weeks. Heading back for a little Muskie fishing in June.
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