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Thread: New Oars!

  1. Default New Oars!

    Check these bad boys out:

    [ame=]YouTube - SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES[/ame]

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    Default Re: New Oars!

    Wow! 3lbs a pair, that is amazing! I like the folding fins also, what a great idea.


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    Default Re: New Oars!

    Cool video Joni, thanks for posting it...Those oars look pretty nice....Also; Happy Birthday, Joni...


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    Default Re: New Oars!

    Happy Birthday, Joni.
    Those oars look like they might be easier to use. Not sure that I understand how that shape works. They're cool looking too.

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    Thanks all, but a little early yet. June 4th and don't tell anyone, but Mojo's is the 2nd. And they say two Geminis can get along.......30 years!!!!!!

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    Default Re: New Oars!

    Joni, congrats, sounds like the perfect match.
    Have you fished together that whole time?
    Just that would be amazing!!!

    Ultimately, it's not catching fish that satisfies, but knowing how.


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    Great question...yes we have. We were best friends first.

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    Happy early birthday to Joni and Mojo!

    I haven't had a chance to row with them yet, but I received a pair of these oars Friday. They are very cool.

    First, the weight. I have a set of Sawyer SST fiberglass oars for my Scadden Outlaw Rampage that are 6 1/2 feet long. I weighed one of them and it was 3lbs 5oz for a single oar. A single NFO Lightspeed oar in the same length weighs only 1lb 15oz!

    The workmanship on the Lightspeeds is much better too. The Sawyers are pretty cobby and rough. They have a funky joint locking mechanism that manages to work well in spite of being clunky. In contrast, the Lightspeeds use a simple push-button arrangement that has three different holes around the mating piece, so you can set the oar blades at one of three different angles.

    There are two holes in each oar for the NFO frameless oar system oarlock pin, so you can adjust them inward or outward by about 2" per side or 4" total. Should be helpful to people who prefer different positions for their hands when rowing. One of the holes is in the exact same position as I decided on for the SSTs (the SSTs come undrilled for use with conventional oarlocks).

    The carbon fiber shafts are 1.22" on the Lightspeeds and very thin wall thickness. The SSTs are 1.28" and much thicker. I think the Lightspeeds will be more susceptible to damage from careless handling but unlikely to be damaged in normal use. Just don't toss the Lightspeeds into the back of the truck and then toss the anchors on top of them!

    The blades are probably the "trickest" (is that a word?) part of these oars. The blades are very thin and made of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene by Carlisle... they are actually the Carlisle "Magic Plus" kayak blades and are so marked. The blades are very light and have positive buoyancy (they will float). They are also asymmetrical and directional (they are somewhat cupped). The joint between the blades and the carbon fiber shaft is very clean.

    Front side:

    Back side:

    ... and a fuzzy one of the side view:

    I am really looking forward to getting out on the water with these. The extreme light weight should make them less tiring to swing over the course of the day, and the flex at the start of the stroke should take some strain off the oarsman (me!). I will report back after I have a chance to use them.

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    Just back from two days fishing at Lake Davis. It was VERY windy, so I got a chance to give the oars a good workout (and them me).
    I spent the better part of two days rowing almost constantly. I found them way easier to use than either the stock aluminum ones that
    came with the boat or the Sawyer SSTs I was using before the Lightspeeds.

    I think the bending of the shafts at the beginning of the stroke kind of reduces strain on the rower, then they rebound and give a nice
    kick. The light weight really helps with the return stroke, there is almost no effort there.

    When I first started rowing with them, there was a "groaning" sound from the oarlock area on the left oar only. It was fairly loud and
    happened on every stroke. I tried "lubricating" the oarlock with water and that helped, but only momentarily. I looked through my
    stuff on the boat and the only "grease-like" stuff I had was a small tube of hand lotion (alkaline lakes really dry my hands out and drives
    me nuts). I squirted some of that on the oarlock and the noise went away. I will re-do that with some waterproof marine grease now that I
    am back home.

    Bottom Line: I love these oars!

  10. Default Re: New Oars!

    Thanks Michael. Great report!!!

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