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  1. Default berkly cheerywood fly rod

    my uncle gave me a old berkly cheerywood fly rod. anyone got any info on them?
    rabbit fur dubbing- $3.99

    peacock hackle- $4.99

    catching a fish on your own fly- priceless

  2. Default Re: berkly cheerywood fly rod

    Not off hand, but google is your friend.

  3. Default Re: berkly cheerywood fly rod

    I have one, it was my first fly rod that I bought at kmart, 2 years ago, It's a great 7wt. rod you can shoot an entire fly line with no problem on that rod. Great for bluegill or pulling in bass. The only reason I don't use mine as much is because it's a 2 piece and kind of a pain in that respect. If they made a 4 piece, I'd use it as my all the time warmwater rod.

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