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    Default Best float on market?

    What do you all think? Ive tried alot of them and Im leaning to the foam fold over type with sticker backs. I've used alot of them and these seem the best for not falling off
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    Quote Originally Posted by il_wi_fishing View Post
    What do you all think? Ive tried alot of them and Im leaning to the foam fold over type with sticker backs. I've used alot of them and these seem the best for not falling off
    Those are my favorite too. Least favorite is the thingamabobber, always slides down my leader to the fly. I hate 'em.

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    Default Re: Best float on market?

    My experience with indicators has been limited to the foam stick-on types. I
    ran out, and didn't buy any more (stopped using indicators for now). The
    stick-on's grip is also its drawback: it doesn't slip, but it doesn't want to come
    off. I've been sticky residue free for two months now, and loving it! The one
    type that looks okay is that styrofoam/rubber band things. I actually had a pack of those in my vest for several years, and when I finally decided to try an indicator, they crumbled from age......

    A hopper/dropper looks like a good deal. I tie some foam hopper/beetles that
    have as much bouyancy as any reasonable size indicator.

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    Default Re: Best float on market?

    My girlfriend laughs at me because I will do what it takes not to use an indicator. That may explain her higher catch rate over me sometimes.

    I use Thingamabobbers currently whenever I decide to dead drift. My rig is different. I use a three foot butt section of .024" monofilament (40 pound Maxima, 30 pound clear Amnesia) followed with a long length of 3x tippet to the first fly with a dropper following that. My Thingamabobber stays on that butt section. It does not move because of the thicker diameter.

    Thingamabobbers have a tendency to slide on tapered leaders. Repeated overhand casting or placing it on a thin section of taper will cause it to slide.


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    Default Re: Best float on market?

    Here's one that guys around here are using. Tiny party balloons tied around the leader with a loop back over the balloon. I haven't tried them, but I'm going to give them a go. Good bang for the buck.

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    I use slip indicators, thingamabobbers, Plumbobbers, and pop top. They all have their place and time

    Add to that a Chernobyl, hopper, elk hair, stimi, sofa, madam X they work good to
    So many indicators to choose from. ;-)

    I love this topic, because it seems it is easier to justify an indicator if it is small. It is still an indicator.

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    Put a round wooden toothpick tip in the thingamabobber hole to keep it from slipping. After a while, you’ll just put a loop plus toothpick in the thingamabobber. Makes readjusting a breeze.

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    Default Re: Best float on market?

    River fishing. Thingamabobbers.
    Never had it slide up on me either. I put it on like you're supposed to, but maybe using furled leaders it makes a difference. Most of the guys I know fish with them, but I've not heard if it slips on them. I suppose anythings possible.
    They're a spin off the the balloon indicators but they don't leave the litter like balloons do when the pop and get away from the fisherman. That's the bad thing about balloon indicators. Here's a picture of one I used to fish with but it was a little too bulky.
    The Weinercator

    Lake and reservoir fishing, when deep nymphing I use the slip indicators that Joni has.
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    Default Re: Best float on market?

    Mojo: I love The Weinercator! LOL!

    Like Joni I use slip indicators in stillwater, thingamabobblers, plumbobbers, balloons (no wind) and off course the hopper dropper combo is my favorite.


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    Default Re: Best float on market?

    Thingemabobber for me...

    Yat suggested in a prior string to use the rubber bands from dental braces and they work. With 6X or 7X use them.

    However... anymore I will tie the Thingemabobber up near my fly line and I don't have slippage.. give it a try... a guide on the San Juan used about 9' of tippet with the thingemabobber about 8' up... we fished in shallow water and it showed the nymph take really well.....

    I loved the wool or nylon indicator but it gets water logged after a while. Thinge doesn't and casting is a bunch easier....

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