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Thread: Researching El Dorado County, Ca

  1. Question Researching El Dorado County, Ca

    I am doing some research for a birthday surprise trip for my husband. I bought him a fly fishing rod a few years ago and he really enjoys it. I am trying to find a spot that my son (5) and I can take him to that we can not only enjoy a family trip, but also give him a spot to fish. Money is a factor as we are on a budget (aren't we all ) I can research spots until the cows come home but know that forums usually get me the information I need. Researching this way got me the information I needed to get him an awesome fly rod afterall. Looking to go first weeks of June.

    Thanks ahead of time....

    Wife of a fly fisherman

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    Off the Hook Fly Shop in Placerville is one of two fly shops in El Dorado County. Call it and ask for recommendations. Currently the water is flowing high and fast. Many of the good spots might be snowed in still due to this late winter.

    An option for you might be the West Carson River in Alpine County. You can get there by driving US50 East to CA89 south. When you get to CA 88, you are there. You can go east or west from there and find places to fish.

    Another option is the East Carson River near Markleeville. I have the feeling that the flows are up.

    There is a pay to play fishing access in Apple Hill called High Hill Ranch. The pond is stocked with large trout. The phone number is 530-644-1973. I don't know what the rod fee is, but it might be a better alternative than burning gas to find places to fish.


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    Thank you for the information. I found a few hiking trails that not only lead to natural lakes (not stocked) and other lakes (stocked) but we may get a bonus waterfall out of it :O). The High Hill Ranch idea sounds like a cool place to take my son for a family day trip as well.

    ~thanks again

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