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    Default One of them days....

    I woke to rain yet again so went about the usual business of my typical morning. Then boom the sun's out and I can see blue sky. Since just about every river here is high and muddy I went down the street to the canal. WHAT A BLAST!!! I felt like a little kid again! Bluegill after bluegill, red ears out the you know what! The 3wt, anything green and just a fat ole cheese grin for three or four hours. I was jumping in puddles, bare footin' through mud, and giggling like a school girl! If you have the shack nasties, haven't had much luck or a lame day...hit the pond or where ever and mess with the sunnies. Fun fun stuff!
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    Default Re: One of them days....

    Always good to here when you get out and have some fun Bill

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    Default Re: One of them days....

    With all this rain here also,WT, the only thing saving me on fishing is the white bass in the Ohio River. Muddy, high, yes. But theses things are tearing me up on white streamers. Looks like a very wet summer, or so it seems.

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    Default Re: One of them days....

    Sounds like you found a great way to beat this miserable weather, Bill!

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