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    Default Do I have to move to Oregon to see the sunshine!

    First off I would like to ask those folks who were making predictions about snow packs and river levels back in February and March to eat some crow! I have always joked that I would love to be a weather forecaster because you can be completely wrong about your job most of the time and not get fired for it. Weather is a crazy thing and it can change drastically in a very short period of time. Back in February and March our snow packs in Southwestern Montana did look a bit bleak with many drainage's running between 50 to 75 percent of average. Then in April mother nature got angry and made us pay for all the nice fishing weather we had during the winter. Since April we have had only a few short spells of dry weather and as of this post we are still getting copious amounts of rain and snow. The memorial day weekend is off to it's typical start with a steady rain coming down all day.

    For those interested in the snowpack/snow water equivalent charts here is a link for most of Montana NWCC - SNOTEL Snow Water Equivalent Update Graph. It is pretty amazing to see drainage's like the Gallatin go from 68 percent of average only a month and a half ago to 124% of average as of today. Hopefully we will see some spring or summer weather patterns that will get our runoff kick started and rolling. The bad news is that we won't be on the rivers very soon but the good news is that there will be good flows in many of the rivers throughout Southwestern and central Montana this summer.

    Basin Snow Water Equivalent Percent of Average
    KOOTENAI RIVER BASIN Percentage Bar 75% 75%
    FLATHEAD RIVER BASIN Percentage Bar 96*% 96*%
    UPPER CLARK FORK RIVER BASIN Percentage Bar 105% 105%
    BITTERROOT RIVER BASIN Percentage Bar 50% 50%
    LOWER CLARK FORK RIVER BASIN Percentage Bar 54% 54%
    JEFFERSON RIVER BASIN Percentage Bar 111% 111%
    MADISON RIVER BASIN Percentage Bar 98% 98%
    GALLATIN RIVER BASIN Percentage Bar 124% 124%
    MISSOURI HEADWATERS Percentage Bar 107% 107%
    HEADWATERS MISSOURI MAINSTEM Percentage Bar 116% 116%
    SUN, TETON AND MARIAS RIVER BASINS Percentage Bar 66% 66%
    MISSOURI MAINSTEM RIVER BASIN Percentage Bar 127% 127%
    ST MARY AND MILK RIVER BASINS Percentage Bar 92*% 92*%
    UPPER YELLOWSTONE RIVER BASIN Percentage Bar 92% 92%
    WIND RIVER BASIN (WYOMING) Percentage Bar 157% 157%
    SHOSHONE RIVER BASIN (WYOMING) Percentage Bar 81% 81%
    BIGHORN RIVER BASIN (WYOMING) Percentage Bar 102% 102%
    TONGUE RIVER BASIN (WYOMING) Percentage Bar 182% 182%
    POWDER RIVER BASIN (WYOMING) Percentage Bar 178% 178%
    LOWER YELLOWSTONE RIVER BASIN Percentage Bar 133% 133%

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    Default Re: Do I have to move to Oregon to see the sunshine!

    Biggie: I know what you mean we just now are getting a few days of warm wx here in SE WY. April and May has been brutal, but we sure have received our fair share of snow this year, the rivers should look real good once run off completes. It is good to hear you got your fair share of moisture, like you said it wasn't looking good a couple months ago.


  3. Default Re: Do I have to move to Oregon to see the sunshine!

    Hang on, there a sec; Biggie!
    As of 3PM, yesterday, the weather service was "predicitng" for most of our state; "Record setting rainfall amounts from Wednesday night through Saturday morning".
    "A possibility of anywhere from 1.5" to as much as 5.0" of rainfall are probable".
    Maybe we should BOTH move to Miami?

  4. Default Re: Do I have to move to Oregon to see the sunshine!

    Oregon's been just as bad!
    In a weird way, I'm glad we're getting rain, since I was fearing a bad fire year.
    The John Day is at 20,000 CFS, it hasn't been up to that flow in 12 years!
    I think it's been over a month since we had a nice sunny day!
    I canceled a few trips already due to the rain/runoff!

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    Default Re: Do I have to move to Oregon to see the sunshine!

    I live in Portland, Oregon and, except for a few random cloud breaks, it's been raining hard for about 6 weeks. And not the normal little Portland spit rain, but heavy, Alaska style rain. We've had record rain, week after week.

    But, the weather man tells me it's supposed to clear up this weekend and get into the high 80s, possibly even 90s. The coastal rivers are finally going to get in shape, which makes me happy.

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    Default Re: Do I have to move to Oregon to see the sunshine!

    Dwight Slade says people in Oregon LOVE the rain. "It's why it's so green here".
    He says people go there from Ireland and say "Hey! Turn it down!"

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