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    Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

    The guy who sells them is away for the weekend, so it'll be Tuesday before I can talk with him. .
    Its toosday mang, what did he say?

    regards, CWG

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    Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

    Fired off an email yesterday afternoon/evening and no response so far.

    I've already started shopping for a replacement 3wt from one of the larger companies...with a lifetime warranty.

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    Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

    Quote Originally Posted by stasher1 View Post

    I was trying to save a couple bucks by buying an inexpensive rod and it appears to have bit me on the butt. Might need to look into something in the $150 range like a TFO Pro or Sig., Redington RS4, or possibly another Redington CT. Something with a lifetime warranty...
    I had a Redington RS3, and while it was a nice rod (closeout price of $99!), it seemed a bit stiff for my tastes. The Redington CT has received some glowing
    reports here, and I know that the folks at Redington answer the phone instantly. I've had similar instant phone contact with Sage, St. Croix, and even Diamondback, with no problems being connected to a tech or CS person.

    *Actually, I had two RS3 rods. The RS4 is supposed to be stiffer, and I don't
    know if that'll be something you want in a 3wt.......

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    Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

    I have a Redington CT already (8'6" 5wt) and it's fantastic, but I find that I prefer a slightly faster action for panfish. Maybe a med-fast instead of the mod-fast of the CT.

    I've had a little bit of experience with Redington's customer service and while the "service" wasn't exactly stellar, they did offer to take care of the problem...eventually. I opted to solve the problem myself in the mean time, but they did eventually get back to me.

    The more I ponder, the better TFO looks...

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    Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

    I have had excellent response from Hardy North America
    and stasher, per our chat, you made an excellent comment about that rod we were talking about- customer service, worth the not so much extra.
    either Greys or Reddington for me next time.

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    Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

    I've broken 3 rods while casting..... all three on the first day of use. They were obviously defective and I had no problem replacing them.
    Other rods that I've broken (and that's quite a few) I've either fixed myself, or stripped for parts.
    IMO, rod warranties drive up rod prices, promote carelessness, and allow people who tire of their rods to just snap them over their knee and get new ones, and every year if they please..... and on your and my nickle.
    The whole rod warranty system (as started by Orvi$ in the late 70's) was a huge mistake. People need to take some personal responsibility and either take care of their gear or deal with it
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

    While I agree with most of what you said, I believe products come with an inherent guarantee of functionality for their stated purpose. If a drinking glass (as manufactured) will not hold water, it is defective and should be replaced. If the same drinking glass is broken due to careless or reckless behavior on the part of the user, it should not be replaced.

    Fishing rods are no different.

    This is the reason I posed my question to the members here. If I carelessly broke the rod in my attempts to attain more distance, I don't want it replaced. If, however, the rod broke due to a manufacturing flaw I would expect it to be replaced.

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    Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

    I guess there are fly fisherman out there that might do what Rip Tide is saying. I don't know any of them (that I know of) and I want to keep it that way. All the fly fishing folks I have ever met seem to be rather careful and considerate about their gear and the craft, though I have gone by many streams and seen the garbage that people leave behind, which breaks my heart. I guess those might be the same folks who just have their heads too far up their bottoms to think of others. Moving on...

    I did break an Albright rod (the A-5) in mid cast. The blank broke while in the ferrule and I was not sure what just happened. It was only the 3rd time fishing it, but months after buying it. I was bummed with the return policy, since I had to pay much more than I felt I should, especially since I wanted to pay nothing for a problem that, as far as I say, came from the manufacturing process. I did end up paying for the replacement and it's been fine, but it left me realizing that I wanted to buy from a company that had a good policy. When I accidentally ran over my Cortland rod, it was no problem- small fee and a new rod came in the mail. The fee for Albright made no sense to me, and I still resent it. I do agree that this must drive the price up, but I also think we come back to those companies again and again because of it. I still triple check my rod when placing it near my car. It was a traumatic experience

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    Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

    Having been in the retail bicycle biz, here's a little warranty story. In the early 1990's, Bell Helmets included a little warranty card in the box, stating that if
    the helmet was damaged, the owner could send it to Bell along with $20, and receive a replacement. LOTS of people stomped on their helmets after a year,
    and got a replacement for only $20.....LOTS. I don't believe Bell still offers this gift of perpetual helmet replacement.

    I've often wondered how many fly anglers snap a rod after it gets scratched too much. An $700 rod made perfect again for $50....I'm sure many people would take advantage of that. I've broken one fly rod, and two spinning rods: both in car doors. I've never broken a rod while fishing, but my wife has bent rods in half when trying to net a fish! Still, no breakage. Sage offers a spare tip for about $150 (for a ZXL rod), and I called last week to find out what their turnaround time was. The woman told 6 weeks, but I have enough rods that I don't need to spend another $150 to continue fishing. The $50 regular fee seems kind of steep considering the price of the rods! They are nice rods, but I don't know if I'd spend that sort of money again. I cast another angler's Sage Vantage a couple weeks ago, and that was a very nice rod (at 1/3 the cost of the premium models!).

    YouTube ff'ing videos display lots of rod abuse, especially after the fish is caught: the rod gets dropped onto rocks, the bottom of the boat, into themwater, so that the angler can get a pic with the fish. I have warranty coverage, but treat my rods as if I don't.....

    Reels are another issue altogether. I view them like women view jewelry, but I don't look too long and hard, or else I'd be broke.

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    Default Re: How many of you have broken rods while casting?

    I just had a rod replaced last week due to a defective snake guide. While talking to the TFO Customer Service I casually mentioned that they had a great warranty and it was worth the extra cost when purchasing the rod. The CS rep stated in absolutely no questionable terms that TFO does NOT leverage the warranty costs across the purchase price of the rod, and thus others are not carrying the cost of replacing someone else's rod. According to the CS rep, the $25 warranty fee covers the marginal (incremental) manufacturing cost of the replacement rod, but not other costs associated with development, sales, advertising, etc., etc.. Of course this made me reflect....if the incremental costs for a replacement flyrod are only $25, there must be some very high fixed costs and administrative & development costs! And obviously some pretty decent profits too!

    The warranty is just another item to be factored into the overall cost of the rod. If there were no warranties, would the rods be cheaper? Possibly, but then the first manufacturer to offer a warranty would have a sales advantage over their competitors. I take care of my rods, but have used the warranty program on rods four times (twice for defects & twice for broken rods). Do I feel bad for using the warranty to get a rod replaced? of course not - one of the many considerations when I chose a rod is the warranty (hoping to never need it, but darn glad it will be there).

    Personally I have never met anyone who has intentionally broken a rod to get it replaced under a warranty, although I am sure they exist. If I do meet one, I am very sure I will not hang-around with them for any length of time.

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