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Thread: fly fishing massachusetts

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    Default fly fishing massachusetts


    I am a beginner to fly fishing, and though I joined this forum only a year ago, I've learned so much from everyone here. I haven't seen any posts about fishing in Massachusetts though.
    Does anyone here fish in Massachusetts and have any suggestions about rivers? I would like to avoid those slow, warm, rivers that are characteristic of MA.

    I was thinking about the Squannacook, Nissitissit, or Stillwater Rivers, has anyone fished at these rivers? Are they the fast flowing riffle/run kind of streams?

    Thanks a lot for all the advice everyone. Its truly been invaluable

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    I too am new to fresh-water fly fishing. Most of my fishing has been confined to the ponds and lakes of Eastern MA. Not as sexy as trout fishing, but lots of fun.

    As for rivers, I understand the Westfiled is great with the best stretch being Rte 9 Cummington and into the Pork Barrell and to rte143, Rte 20 above and below BG Sports. If It doesn't rain this Sunday, I'll be out that way and plan to give it a try.

    The other one is the river at Quabbin reservoir, on Ware Rd. / Rt 9.

    Department of Conservation and Recreation

    MassWildlife - Fish Stocking Schedules

    Where in MA are you located?

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    I live in Waltham Massachusetts, and I hope to fish somewhere less than an hour away. I have seen videos of the westfield river, and it looks beautiful! I hope you enjoy your trip.

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    I'm in Wellesley.

    There is always the Charles .

    If you got waders, and you want to fish for Pickerel, Bass and pan fish, there is Morses Pond behind my house, or Lake Cochituate (which I have not fished yet) for Pike, Bass Salmon and about anything else.

    Been fresh water fly fishing for a little over a month.

    BTW, Quabbin is about an hour or so west. Just west of Ware MA. It's the Swift River.

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    Default Re: fly fishing massachusetts

    One of the things you might want to do is to check out Trout Unlimited to see if there are any chapters near you. Most TU Chapters are welcoming to new folks and have casting clinics, tying classes, group trips to local waters etc as well as informative monthly meetings and rock rolling/on-stream conservation projects. Many members also chase other fish besides trout including salt water stuff. Here’s a search page to look for TU Chapters near you.
    Council/Chapter Contacts | Trout Unlimited - Conserving coldwater fisheries

    Here’s a link to MA’s Dept of Fish and Game website
    MassWildlife - Fishing Information

    There are pond maps showing access, a listing of waters stocked with trout, stocking schedules etc. Note that many waters in Massachusetts can’t support trout year round because summer water temps get too high. But the Swift, Deerfield, Millers, Housatonic, and Westfield Rivers are some of the better known “classic” trout streams in MA.

    The link also has some good info on different “best bets” for different fish species, info on fishing some of the reservoirs and a list of C and R areas. The Nissitissit River around Pepperell sounds like it might be a good one to try if you’re in Waltham. If you do give it a shot, it would be worth a little detour to visit these guys and pick up a few tips in exchange for some flies and what not: Evening Sun Fly Shop - northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire - Fly fishing & fly tying supplies, equipment, and instruction

    Another resources for you is Trout Streams of Southern New England by Tom Fuller (covering trout streams in CT, RI and MA). You can buy a used copy for 5 bucks.
    [ame=""] Trout Streams of Southern New England: An Angler's Guide to the Watersheds of…@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    And if you look in the “other people who bought this bought…..” there are links to other books of interest you might want to check out:

    The Guide to Northern New England (NH, VT and ME) by David Klausmeyer and

    Hatch Guide for New England Streams by Thomas Ames (I highly recommend it)

    As a kid I lived in MA in the 60’s and used to terrorize the local fish around Newton, including the bass and trout in Lake Cochituate (Natick) trout in Walden Pond (Concord) and the bass, crappies bluegill and carp in the Charles River (Needham), and would fish out in Western MA for trout when I could get a ride and for the Spring run of American Shad in coastal streams (Palmer River etc), And of course took full advantage of any family vacations to other states.

    And don’t overlook the salt for stripers and blues if you’re anywhere near the coast, but remember that this year you need a “MA Marine Fishing license" in addition to your MA freshwater fishing license.

    Good luck---- and keep asking questions!

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    Default Re: fly fishing massachusetts

    Thanks for the link, Mark. I have the Maine, NH and Vermont version but was missing the Mass, RI, Conn book. It's on order now.

    Being a native of the Northshore of MA, it's only a matter of time before I'm back there for good and fishing those waters again.



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    Default Re: fly fishing massachusetts

    Thank you very much for the advice. I have ordered the book on Amazon. I look forward to hitting the water soon!

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    Default Re: fly fishing massachusetts

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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    Default Re: fly fishing massachusetts

    Just to clear up one small matter
    There is no Mass marine license this year, however you do need to sign up with the federal registry
    There will be a Mass salt water license next season

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: fly fishing massachusetts

    Rip Thanks for clearing that up for the Mass. regs.

    A new Marine license went in to affect here in NY the last part of 09 and is in affect now in 2010.

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