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    Default Rod Selection Question / Opinion

    Hello everyone I'm new to fly fishing but not to fishing, I own many mid to high end rods and in buying many of them because you can not really use them unless someone you know has one many were purchased by there actions,size and recommendations of fellow fisherman and women off of other fishing forums. I feel your comments are honest and not some sells hype or pro recommending the rod because he receives big bucks for it. So your comments mean a lot to me and I would like to hear the good and the bad about the rods I'm looking at. The rods are Sage Flight 790 the Redington CPX 9074 , and the St. Croix Legend Ultra U 907 all the rods are in the price range more or less that I want to spend. All rods will be either a 6wt. or 7 wt. leaning more for a 6wt. as I have a 9wt. all ready. I will be going for LM Bass mostly I,m thinking the 6wt. will let me play the fish a little more then the 7wt. or is there real not to much difference to matter? Line will be a FWF line like the Mastery Bass Bug Taper ,reel not sure about mid price range $100.00 - $150.00. So any and all input will be appreciated.

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    Keep in mind about the flies that you will be throwing. If they are large wind resistant flies, you will want to use a heavier rod with an even heavier line. You will need to think of your rod and line as a fly delivery system. If you plan on throwing size 2 Umpqua Swimming Frog with a 6 weight, you will have delivery issues.

    I would err towards a 7 weight with a 9 weight line.


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