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Thread: New Rod and reel

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    Bought a St. Croix Avid/A906.4 9' 6 wt. Also bought a Orvis CV2 6 wt reel. Bought it from Bass Pro SHops and now I'm looking forward to using it.

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    Blueheels2, congrats that sounds like a great set up, you should have a blast with it.

    The 6 weight will give you a little extra oomph for throwing bigger wind resistant stuff like poppers for bass, but will still be a great trout weight rod.

    Good luck with your new gear and keep us posted on your adventures!

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    I was out on the water with the exact same rod today, and I have to say I love it. I hope you do too.

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    Heading out in about an hour to try out my new setup. This is my first attempt! I'm going to a little lake about the size of a football field that has some smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. Guy at Bass Pro SHops sold me 3 size leaders. He sold me a 7 1/2' 2x for practice. That's mainly what I'm doing today is trying to get a decent handle on casting and get familiar with my setup. I'm going to the mountains next weekend and was planning on doing some serious fishing so I'm preparing for that as well. ANy fly suggestions or other tips. I've got about 3 hours today and I can go again tomorrow. I was going to Dick's Sporting goods to pick up a license and some flies shortly.

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    I did just notice the fly size chart on the back of my leader pack. THat's helpful!

    So I just watched a 3 part series on fly casting and am getting ready to go practice. Picked up on the fact that I shouldn't use flies yet unless I like picking them out of my flesh! Did you guys practice with a piece of yarn tied to the end?
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    Yes, a 1" piece of bright yarn tied in the middle is great to practice with if you're on a lawn etc. Having a bit of yarn on the end of your leader 9 (or tippet if you've added some to the end of your leader) will keep the end of your leader/tippet from fraying as you practice casting.

    If you're practicing over water you can use a fly, but it would be a good idea to pinch down the barbs on your hooks, especially while you are learning to cast (many of us do this on all our flies anyway), and wear some eye protection (polarized sunglasses will cut surface glare and help you see into the water). If you want to practice casting and have a chance of catching a bass with your leader, you could use something unweighted and not too wind resistant like a muddler minnow.

    Keep in mind while practicing that it's all about the timing of your casting stroke rather than raw power and muscle. And make sure you have room behind you for your backcasts--- trees, bushes and overhead wires will eat your flies too, and you always want to make sure no one is sneaking/walking behind you.

    Accelerate smoothly on your back stroke, add a sudden stop, wait for the line to straighten out behind you, accelerate smoothly on the forward stroke and end it with a sudden stop.

    If you hear a crack the whip sound (and you will) it means that you're not waiting long enough for the line to straighten out behind you on the back cast.

    BTW that 7 1/2' 2 x leader is a good leader for bass fishing too, not just practice casting, and could be used with most bass flies, poppers, weighted flies like woolly buggers and clousers and large streamers.

    Good luck!

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    Quick post. I went and didn't catch anything including myself so I consider that a victory. I practiced casting for about an hour and a half, and switched to fishing after I quit hitting myself in the back of the head with the line. Had fun though.I bought a dry fly at Dicks' called a grasshopper #10. Anybody know what your supposed to catch with that? Turtle was interested at one point and had to pull back to keep him from biting.

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    Blueheel, You should catch trout, bass, crappie and some bluegills with that hopper. The bluegills sometimes miss it because of the overhang on the tail of the hook but they will hit it...


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