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Thread: float tubes - - Help!!

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    Until now, I've never heard of a Buffalo Float Tube. They may be OK, but I have no information on them.

    For several reasons, including product liability and customer satisfaction, we only offer very safe, high quality tubes from a well know manufacturer. The least expensive float tube that we carry is the Outcast Fish Cat 4 at $149 and that includes shipping.

    BigCliff mentioned the possibility of a long swim but he didn't mention the possibility of drowning. So, no matter where you buy the tube, make sure you get a safe unit from an established manufacturer.


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    Hey Victoria,
    I've been checking around a lot of places and have not been able to find very much info or reviews on the float tube in question. In fact, the only place I can find it is at this link:

    I would suggest that you try contacting them at 847.520.5500 and finding out more details about this particular float tube. I personally don't have much faith in the tube that you selected but I understand your concerns about the getting the best value for the money you have available to you. I'll just say this, there good deals that you can rely on and theres good deals that you cannot. You may spend $40 on this now but I'm afraid that in the long run you may spend even more.

    Just my two cents worth. I will continue researching this and if I find something I'll let you know.
    "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after"
    Henry David Thoreau

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    FYIHere's a pretty good deal!!!!I checked them out at the store andI plan on buying one!!!

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    If you are talking about the Water Skeeter Daytripper, I have to say re evaluate that. I had one and was not happy with it at all. Very large and hard to move from land to water, very bouyant so hard to move in the wind, but the wind has no problem moving you, Hard as heck to put together right, the cross bar is a royal pain but you got to have it, the stripping apron falls short. I will say that if you weigh 225lb's and over this is one of the only choices out there, but if you don't, it is more trouble than I liked.
    Also, the seam on the top section split on mine and several others I have talked to said the same thing happened to them. These boats are very suseptable to alttitude and temp change. This is just my opinion on the DT, but I speak from experiense.

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    Thanks Joni..I feel better now

    I chose not to go ahead with the Buffalo brand as I could not get the info I was looking for. I called to find out the denier and the guage on the PVC... but could not get the info....Now I am looking at

    Can anyone explain why some U float tubes cost close to $150 and others are selling for $69.99 ?? Is the difference in the 'bells and whistles' or should I be looking for something in particular?

    All I need is SAFE and useable for under $100 Canadian dollars... any suggestions?

    Does anyone have any suggestions for waters in South Western Québec where I might take my hubby to try it out when I finally make up my mind which one to buy?

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    Jayfish... That does look like a deal.


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