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Thread: Furling Leaders Is Advantages When?

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    Default Furling Leaders Is Advantages When?

    Prior to reading the thread below on Furling : Tippet Rings : etc., I had never heard of it. If I understand the premise correctly, it assists in turning over the fly properly.

    Some questions please:

    1) Is it more/less advantages when using lighter tippets? My fly rods are 4wt, 6wt and 8wt?

    2) Are they less inclined to pick up curling when stored on the reel?

    3) What is the best method for storing them off the reel?

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    Default Re: Furling Leaders Is Advantages When?

    1) They do. Since they are woven or furled, they have a bit of "springiness" to them that will help protect a lighter tippet.

    2) Depends on the material they are made with. The thread leaders have no memory while a mono furled leader may have a little bit, but overall furled leaders show very little signs of having memory.

    3) I wrap mine around my hand and stuff it back into the bag it came in.
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    Default Re: Furling Leaders Is Advantages When?

    Thanks for your quick reply. Based on that and other reading, I think I'll try to set up a jig and do a thread furled leader.

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    Default Re: Furling Leaders Is Advantages When?

    The furled leaders I mainly use are made of simple 6/0 tying thread. They're only 6-7' long and used mainly for small streams and dry flies.
    • They are far more supple than anything else I've used. This makes them negate what some folks call micro-drag... the small bits of drag cause by small waves and current changes.
    • They are also a mini-fly line and behave that way when you have no fly line out past the rod tip when fishing blue lines. You can cast them nicely without the fly line.
    • The thread has zero memory. That is not even an issue with them.
    • They are dirt cheap to make and last a long, long time.
    • You can simply change tippet size and length to match the size fly you are using.

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    Default Re: Furling Leaders Is Advantages When?

    Is there a website that shows how to make what your talking about Jackster?

    I would like to try tying some.

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    Default Re: Furling Leaders Is Advantages When?

    Google furled leaders. The first hit is "Making your own furled leaders" from The sixth hit is "Furled leaders" from

    In between is a you tube video titled "making furled leaders without jig or tools". Disregard that, it is NOT a true furled leader.

    Be warned that I could not figure out either article from the texts, so I ordered Kathy Scott's Simple Furled Leaders DVD from 717-738-7330. I think the DVD was $16.95. Worth every penny. Once you see her DVD, you can make her fairly simple three step down leader or the five step down leader described in the article. I've made up a couple dozen of both since getting the DVD back in March.


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    Kathy Scotts video, dirt cheap and answers all questions (except the ring, but that is easy)

    Jackster, allot of the fishers here prefer the 5' furled leader in which I have added up to 6' of tippet and it still turned over. Trying to cast 6 feet of tippet straight off the line didn't work.

    Another advantage to the thread leaders is, hold it under water and let it absorb the water. It is now a killer sink tip.

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    Default Re: Furling Leaders Is Advantages When?

    I learned from an old-timer a number of years ago. I also recommend the Ms. Scott video. Good stuff.

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