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Thread: Gulf Disaster

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    Default Gulf Disaster

    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but if anyone needs to see the latest updates on the NOAA fishing closures in the Gulf due to the BP oil spill disaster, you can check the attached link:

    Deepwater Horizon/BP Oil Spill: Federal Fisheries Closure and Other Information

    I know no one "wants" to see this continuing disaster, but I thought some folks may need up-to-date info to help with planned trips.

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    Default Re: Gulf Disaster

    Brewmaster: Thanks for posting! I've been thinking some of the LA members would keep us posted on the fishing situation alongi the Gulf Coast.


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    Default Re: Gulf Disaster

    I was wondering if this spill/disaster has effected anyone's fishing for redfish, etc. It's tough to watch that oil spew out into the Gulf. I thought that the
    polluted and hypoxic Mississippi River was bad for the Gulf of Mexico, but this is crazy. The clean-up and containment brews seem to be hard at work, but
    I'd like to see more done. Maybe if I pick up some litter at the local stream this afternoon, I'll feel less helpless.....

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