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    Default roof rack questions

    Hi all. I just recently purchased a corolla 97. Can i put a roof rack and a box on it? I know very little about it all so any advice would help. I was also hoping i would not have to do any drilling, because i dont really trust my self. And do you guys find that a box lowers gas mileage? and brand recommendations? I went to the thule site also and they dont have anything compatible. Mr.T

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    Default Re: roof rack questions

    If you have a 4 door Corolla, you can build a systems rack with Yakima. You will need to get the appropriate towers, quick clips (adaptors for your roofline), locks, and whatever attachment you want to put on it.

    Yakima does not have an application for the 2 door model.


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    Default Re: roof rack questions

    Tony, in answer to your question about gas mileage; Yes, if it offers any kind of wind resistance it will affect your gas mileage.


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    I've used Yakima rooftop racks on various vehicles since 2002 and have been very satisfied. I know you said you don't want to drill, but if you can't find a made to fit solution (as mentioned above for the 2dr) and you have to customize it, Yakima has a pretty good selection of landing pad bases, one of which should work. I have a flat roof on my pop-up camper so I used landing pad 6. The landing pads have 2 holes each, and as long as you measure twice, mark everything right,and center punch before drilling, it's not too scary I've never had any leaks with the silicone sealer that is provided with the landing pad kits.

    The real question would be, what's the roof structure like on the Corolla? if it's just flat sheet metal with little reinforcement, it may not be a good idea to use the landing pad option, or at least you'll want to put them as close to the edge as possible. Many of the made to fit solution mount out on the edge at the rain gutters where there is good structural support.

    As also mentioned, gas mileage is affected to varying degrees. If I have something high or boxy on the racks on my toyota FJ, I've had as much as 3-4mpg drop. On the other hand I can put a roofbag with a more aerodynamic leading edge (angled/slanted) and not measure any difference at all. The rack on the camper, I don't notice aerodynamics at all cuz it's already a giant 4000+ lbs brick

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    Default Re: roof rack questions

    I don't know what you will be carrying on the roof. I have a 2010 honda insight. I deer hunt and fly fish with it, I had a trailer hitch class 1 added to her, and bought a flat rack that goes in the trailer hitch, i can put the deer on it, coolers xtra gear i dont want in the car. I really like it.

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    Default Re: roof rack questions

    thanks for all the help guys. i found the towers i need online and the bars. looks like 50 bucks. now..... got to find a box....

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