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  1. Default Pontoon boats ???

    Good Day to All,

    I had put a thread here sometime back about drift boats &
    would like to ask the same about pontoon boats. After I did
    my research I determined that a drift boat is above the $$$
    I want to spend. Do any of you have a pontoon boat ? Do you
    like using the pontoon boat ? Is it what you had hoped ? Do you
    see limitations, especially in the rivers near you ? Did you buy one
    for just you, or did you buy the two/three person size ? Do you
    have a motor on yours ? If so, does it work well ? If not, why ?

    I have begun my internet research & have actually sent for
    information on two Creek Company pontoon boats, one is a
    two person, one is a three person. I hope to continue my search
    to find the best product for the $$. ( Cabelas sells both of the
    Creek companies boats that I have requested info on & even the
    three person boat is far less than the drift boats I priced. )

    Please give me your thoughts,
    Always in the Water,

    Tie One On

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    Default Re: Pontoon boats ???

    Pontoon boats can be a great way to get around on moving water. If you can, I would look for one that can carry two people, but is still manageable by yourself. It would be a shame to not be able to get out in your new craft because no fishing partner was available.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  3. Default Re: Pontoon boats ???

    I have been interested in them also. But I don't ever see anyone using them on the Norfork where I usually fish. I wonder if there is a reason why or just that most people just rather use a river boat with a motor?

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    I love my Pontoon! I believe that this is one of those case that you get what you pay for. So depending on how many days a year you will be using it should help point you into the direction of what boat. I have a Buck's Bag ( Bronco Pontoon Boat. This boat has no problem going down a river, it is rated for class 4 rapids I think, not that I would ever try it. plenty of room for gear if you want to camp along the river and very sturdy. This boat can hold a lot and fishes great. I have a small trolling motor for lakes and it does sit high in the water and in the wind can be a bit unruly. The motor is a little awkward at times but serves a purpose. I also use flippers to help in those tight spots. It is great fun.

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    Default Re: Pontoon boats ???

    On The Same line I've been looking to get a kayak to fish out of .
    anyone have any advice .

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    FISHN50, as far as a Kayak, Hobie makes one with peddles or should I say paddles. It is suppose to be just like riding a bike. Frees up both your hands for fishing.

    tie one on, we have a Scadden two man and the three man at the lodge. They are real cool, but one will have to row, flippers do very little for them. If there is any wind, you are rowing. They are suprisingly easy to manuever.
    I agree with the Bronco, but have to add Scadden to the list. I like the frames on the Scadden.

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