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    Default my son's new fly rod

    Bought my son a new outfit (Redington Crosswater 9' 5wt) this spring when one of the forum sponsors ( had a great sale on them.

    He's practice cast a few times on the lawn, but hadn't fished it yet because the weather has been so rainy this year (seem like a weekend = rain), and on weekdays school & homework take priority.

    This evening we had a little rain early, and as dusk approached it was overcast with a light breeze. Perfect for a short trip to the local lake for a quick try at the gills and crappie in the shallows. School is winding down for the year, so I decided to take him with me and try the area where I've had good success recently.

    We rigged up with the #14 foam flies I've found work well lately and as soon as he got his on the water it disappeared in a swirl. The rod bent and he shouted, "Got one on!"

    Great way to break in the new outfit!

    I was so busy photographing his success (he was in a hot-spot and hauling 'em out in rapid succession) it took me a while to get my fly wet, but it didn't lay on the surface long before a nice gill decided to eat it.

    At least he's overcome his reluctance to unhook & release them (unless deeply hooked) but it takes some careful effort to avoid injury to the fish or fisherman.

    He also was able to land one bass (about 4", but it was a bass), and he caught more than I did, so the trip was a big success in his opinion!

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    Default Re: my son's new fly rod

    i used to have that same kit! now its broke in less than 20 days out. looks like yall had tons of fun though

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    Default Re: my son's new fly rod

    wabi: What a great way to introduce a youngster to fishing!


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    Default Re: my son's new fly rod

    Bluegills and kids, great combination toward making a dedicated fisherman...


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    Default Re: my son's new fly rod

    Excellent, just totally excellent!

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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