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Thread: 4 weight line on 5/6 rod

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    Default 4 weight line on 5/6 rod

    Hi all,
    My first fishing rod was a pflueger 5/6 rod, but last year I bought a TFO 4 weight rod and an orvis reel with a 4 weight line. I am now planning a trip to fish some lakes up in Maine, and I do not think my 4 weight rod will cut it. Do you think I could put the orvis reel with the 4 weight line on the 5/6 rod?

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    Default Re: 4 weight line on 5/6 rod

    No one on earth but you can answer that question. Just put it on and try it.


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    Default Re: 4 weight line on 5/6 rod

    Try it by all means, but you may find you're a little under gunned with the 4 weight line on the 5/6 weight pflueger-- especially if you'll be throwing larger wind resistant flies like streamers.

    You might consider contacting Justin at Allen fly fishing (he's the owner of Allen and a member here on NAFFF) to pick up a 6 weight forward fly line from him for your 5/6 Pflueger. Many of our NAFFF members have had very good experiences with his products, including fly lines, and his prices are tough to beat.

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    Default Re: 4 weight line on 5/6 rod

    Hi utc,

    Underlining a rod will work if the caster can adapt to the condition. You can cast a 4wt line with a 5/6 rod but you need more line in the air to compensate for the lighter line. This can be a problem with close in fishing. Then you have the problem with how heavy of a fly you can cast. The lighter line won't turn over as heavy of a fly as a 5wt or definitely a 6wt line. So there are a lot of variables and it is the caster that determines if it works or not. You can get much better results with over lining than under lining in most cases.

    I second Mark's suggestion to get one of the Allen 6wt lines.


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    Default Re: 4 weight line on 5/6 rod

    I fish lakes with 4wts all the time. The heaviest fly I cast is a #10 weighted Wooly Bugger, and the lakes I fish are always windy. There's no need to cast a mile, and many of the best fish in lakes cruise the banks. In fact, I rarely fish further out than 20-25 feet from the bank, and more often cast right to the edge of the bank. Fish further out from the bank are often cruising deep, and that's a whole 'nuther game all together. My fly fishing strategy is to cast parallel to the bank, and then present my fly to along the edge. Where there are overhanging bushes, I cast right into them. It's common to pull a big lunker out of the bushes.

    On really windy days, I do carry a 5wt for lakes and rivers.

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    Default Re: 4 weight line on 5/6 rod

    i've never tried underlining a rod but i can imagine it working not very well. ive been playing around with overlining my smaller set ups and its working out greatt



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    Default Re: 4 weight line on 5/6 rod

    It depends on the rod action. My first rod was a Mitchell 300 IM6 labeled as a 5/6. Fishing for panfish that rod practically folded in half with whatever line came with it. When I got serious about fly fishing a couple years ago I bought a 4 weight Imperial and tried the 4 weight line on it and it works just fine. It is still a full flex rod but I've fished it a few times and with the 4 wt. line it is a serviceable rod. I guess a long way of saying try it and see.

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