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Thread: What Size Hook?

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    Default What Size Hook?

    Dean Shirota didn't tell me the weight of the 25 inch bone fish he caught. What's amazing is the 1/0 size hook he was using for the fly. Normally, his bone fish flys like the Christmas Island Special and Crazy Charlie are tied on a #4 size hook. Now Dean says he's going to tie some bonefish flys on a 2/0 hook. Well, our Hawaii bones usually run 6 to 12 pounds. How big a hook have you used for a bone fish fly?

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    When I get to fish for bones, someday, I'll expect to use nothing larger than a size 2 hook. I guess if the bones are eating larger baitfish or crabs, then a bigger fly on a bigger hook could work. I can recall cleaning a 21" redfish once that had a crab the size of a mango pit in its gut. (about 3.5"x2")

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