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Thread: Wading Boots ???

  1. Default Wading Boots ???

    Good Day to all,

    Just curious as to how long your wading boots have lasted ??

    I have had a pair I purchased at Cabelas about 3-4 years ago &
    I noticed Friday Sept. 1 after coming home from a great day on
    the water that the one boot began to separate at the heel.

    I always take extreme good care of all my equipment. I always
    allow the boots/waders etc. to dry completely & keep them clean.

    Any thoughts ?
    Any particular manufacturer/brand better than most ?
    How long are boots slated to last ?

    Tie One On

  2. Default Re: Wading Boots ???

    Mine last me a few yrs. I am very hard on them. I got a pair of Chotas from Steve last yr and they seem to be hanging alot better.

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    My Simms ultra light stealth sole lasted me 3 yrs and the sole started to separate. Sent them back, got a new pair going on 5 yrs.

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    Just buy the best you can afford. Simms, Chotas, Patagonias, Orvis etc. are all good. From personal experience, Simms and Orvis both have great no hassle fix-it or replace-it return policies on all their gear.

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    I had some Simms L2's, after 9 months the Simms studs poked through my boot and punched a few holes in the stocking foot of my waders. Called Simms and they sent me a new pair of Guide boots. They also sent me a pair of G3's to replace the Orvis waders the studs ruined. Guess I am a Simms guy for life! Can't beat that customer service.

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    Default Re: Wading Boots ???

    I haven't fully worn out a pair of wading boots or had any go bad on me yet, but I tried to kill a pair of patagonia's through negligence. The worst thing you can do for them is leave them out in the sun/heat. I left some beefy wading shoes out on my porch too long one summer and the rubber over the toe developed lots of little cracks and the soles are starting to separate. Totally my fault, they are easily the best wading boots i've had otherwise.

    I agree with the idea of getting boots from Simms, Patagonia, Chota or Orvis, because they will hold up, and the mfg's will take care of you.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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