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  1. Default Simms Streamtread Soles

    Anyone installed small machine screws for cleats instead of springing for the Simms cleats?

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    Default Re: Simms Streamtread Soles

    No machine screws; but a friend used short sheet metal screws... They worked for him...


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    Thanks Dan, I meant to say sheet metal screws not machine screws.

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    Default Re: Simms Streamtread Soles

    Hi Yat,

    Some people do use Hex head machine screws but they should be the harder ones. The non harden edges on a soft Hex head will round over and you don't get as good of bite eventually. Even with the harder Hex Head machine screws some only harder the tips and the heads remain soft. If you buy the Orvis or Simms studs they are better over all and last longer unless you can find the harder Hex Head screws with hard heads.

    Sheet metal screws also come in at least two different pitches and you need to be close to the one that the boot is made for. So if you want to experiment and see if you can come up with something that works, you might save a few bucks. Unless you are guiding on rocky rivers a pair of the studs made for the boot will last many seasons.


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    Default Re: Simms Streamtread Soles

    I put the 1/2 hex head sheet metal screws in mine. I just bought the package of 100 so I could change out if I need to. I think I put 14 in each boot.

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    I have some Korkers I put sheet metal screws in. They didn't stay in the soles very well and the heads wore quickly. I got a pair of the Simms boots & Simms studs. They have a different thread that holds in the sole much better. I haven't had any studs come out in months of using them. And the heads haven't worn at all. The grip with these studs and soles is incredible.

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    I am really interested in these boots! Are they exceptionally heavy?

    From looking at the pictures of the cleats, they are cleats and not studs. I guess what I am trying ot say is that they are flatter allowing more surface area to bite onto the rock. To me that is where the advantage of using the Simms Hardbite Cleats will have a definite advantage over using screw heads. That is just my opinion.

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    Default Re: Simms Streamtread Soles

    G4's are heavy. I don't care about that or I wouldn't have bought them. I wanted something built to last. Very nice boot with a thick sole so I could put those 1/2" hex screws in with no problems.

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    I'm finding from my researching and comments that Frank's point about using case hardened steel is the key to this. Chota makes a case hardened cleat that has a hex head that is cut into two halfmoon shapes. They sell for $7 as opposed to the Simms HardBites @ $25 or the Star shaped cleats @ $45.

    PDQ5Oh, what size screw did you use #6?

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    Default Re: Simms Streamtread Soles

    Yatahey, I inquired at Simms about their new star shaped studs. Major back order.
    Rep, suggested I "bite the bullet", at 45.00 they must be good. If you look closely at the hex ones you see small hardened steel beads welded into the top. Much higher mileage than regular hex. I like the Freestone model for my own/clients use. Lite/durable.
    Just got a pair of Rivershed boots, let the testing begin !!!!
    Having seen the damage felt carried invasives can do, I'm glad to see felt go.
    Stream tread works pretty well on clean granite, but studs needed for slime.
    I use aqua seal on any exposed stitching, just toughen up the boots some more.

    The bar isn't set by the fish we catch, but by the one's we don't.


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