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    Default started rehab today

    Had a "surgical procedure" yesterday (cystoscopy & transrectal prostate biopsy) and the doctor failed to mention the recovery time & limitations when we scheduled the procedure.
    Two weeks of no lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk, no riding the mower, no sitting for extended periods..............
    I almost backed out, but my wife insisted I go ahead and have the procedure and she got her way as usual.

    Had a rather uncomfortable night last night, so this morning I decided I needed to start a rehab program rather than just lay in bed and suffer!

    I soon formulated a plan all on my own, no need to involve the doctor in this when I can figure out what would be good for me and still not exceed the physical limitations recommended by the medical profession.

    Since the fly rod is well below the weight limit and is good exercise and mental therapy I headed to the lake for my first rehab session!
    Tied on a 5X tippet so if I hooked a heavy fish it would break off before I exceeded the lifting limit and worked the shoreline weeds. Not much luck catching this morning (only a few 'gills, the biggest about 8"), but the rehab left me physically tired, but mentally refreshed.

    Not sure of the force generated by this 'gill, but it may have been close to the limits! It put up a good fight, and almost made it into a downed tree in the water before I was able to turn it. No negative effects on my body, so I'll probably try another short rebab session late this evening. Hopefully I can work up to a 4X tippet in the next few days.

    Sure is tough not being physically able to work.


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    Default Re: started rehab today

    Good luck don't over do it, I've been in recovery from a couple of major surgeries, not heart but back last year. To make myself feel better about myself I bought a new rod and just started walking and casting a little lake near home, even a little panfish can make you feel great, all the best.


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    Default Re: started rehab today

    I'm jealous. One week from today I'm having a core decompression done to my left hip that will keep me almost completely off my feet for 6 weeks, then on crutches for another 6. This after JUST getting back in the groove after rotator cuff surgery back in late October. Means cancelling one week trip to Maine and 3 different weeklong trips to New Brunswick. Why can't stuff like this happen in December??? How can one guy build up that much bad karma in just 61 years?? don't answer that.

    There, that's enough whining for one day.

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    Default Re: started rehab today

    Mike and Gary,
    That's rough, guys! It was good that you were able to fish, Mike. Gary, your situation sounds rough, but Tred Barta seems to be able to get out with his condition (Barta's nuts, so that might help ). Best to both of you.

    I've had shoulder soreness since a bicycle crash in 2002. I thought using a 4wt rod would keep my shoulder from getting worse, but switched back to a 9' 5wt a couple of months ago. No problems at all, but I've been using my 8'6" 4wt for the past couple weeks. My shoulder is mildly sore, mostly because I'm using heavy buggers and making long casts. I can flip out a 40 foot cast with the 5wt in one or two false cast, but the 4wt takes a bit more effort and one more false cast to get the same fly out to the same distance. Why use the smaller rod? Smaller fish right now....

    Bluegills: Those fish are crazy this time of year, striking more out of anger it would seem. I had a good-sized bluegill that hit a wooly bugger so hard, I almost dropped the rod!

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    Default Re: started rehab today

    Fishing and hang'n with close friends is the best therapy I know. I hope for a fast recovery for you both.

    In my case its more mental and emotional since frankly I'm watching my mother die. Last night we were up a good portion of the night after midnight, because she started caughing so hard from the cancer in lungs that it stressed her heart and she began having heart trouble as she also needs a triple bi-pass that can't be done due to the cancer. What amazes me is that up until 5 months ago she is one of the strongest people I know. Even after 84-years-old ;ast December she was still as mentally sharp as a 30-year-old and often mistaken for 15 years younger than she is.
    -Tom Wilson
    Attention New Fly Fishers and those just wanting to improve- Join a Fly Fishing Club. They have classes on every aspect of fly fishing for beginners to advanced for free or cheaper than offered elsewhere. Some offer mentor programs. You will make friends with other fly fishers. Clubs often have outings in which members pay special group rates for guides or to fish prime private access areas.

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    Default Re: started rehab today

    well, we do know it is all relative...just when you think your world is crashing, someone else's has really taken a nosedive. I wish you all well and hope you all get thru the trials ahead in good shape.

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    Default Re: started rehab today

    The most important thing along with your rehab is you can still pick up & use The Fly Rod,you can only progress from there & run around the Block,although there's sometimes better things to do????,hard to think of.

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    Default Re: started rehab today

    Gary and Mike,

    Good luck and a speedy recover.

    FlyBum, My prayers are with you and your family.
    Anthony Laurence
    Web Developement and Design
    FlyFishinado - My Fly Fishing Blog

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    Default Re: started rehab today

    Fly Bum.
    I know how it is watching people close to you suffer.

    Well we are all getting on the downward run.
    All the Best Cheers to Both.

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    Default Re: started rehab today

    When I saw the title, I was going to ask if you saw Amy Winehouse there. After reading the post though.... well I hope you get better soon and there are no more complications.

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