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    Default And one idiot ruins it for everyone.

    The story going around is that it was caused by a man that left a burning campfire to go for a hike even though there were 50 mph gusts of wind in the area.

    The Wallow Fire

    It's actually now up to 200,000 acres.

    InciWeb the Incident Information System: Wallow

    Now I don't know how many of you have fished in AZ, but this area is by far the most visited by fishermen. Yes there is Lee's Ferry to the north west, and some lakes around Prescott, Flagstaff, and the Mogollon Rim, but the White Mountain area is home to many fantastic lakes, all of which have been fishing better this year than they have in a decade.

    Problem is that almost all of those lakes have now been closed.

    As of today, the entire Apache side of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest will be closed to public entry due to the Wallow Fire. The official Forest closure will be issued around noon today. The communities of Alpine and Nutrioso were evacuated last night. This closure will prohibit access to the following sportfish waters:

    Ackre Lake
    Big Lake
    Carnero Lake
    Crescent Lake
    Greer Lakes (River, Tunnel, Bunch reservoirs)
    Hulsey Lake
    Lee Valley Lake
    Luna Lake
    Pratt Lake
    East Fork Black River
    West Fork Black River
    LCR around Greer
    Sheep's Crossing
    Black River
    and all the numerous non-stocked streams on the Apache side of the Forest.

    That list does not include all the lakes on the WMAT land like the lake I have schedule for my only real trip in the near future.

    Hurricane lake is a tribe run, pay to play lake. You rent the lake for $300/day and it's all yours. It's know for very big Apache trout and browns. 30 of us rented it for 3 days 2 weeks from now but that whole area has been closed off due to the fire.

    This fire has pretty much killed 2/3rds of the best fishing in the state.

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    Probably a casual camper, ie drunk guy building a fire. This is why I HATE campers.
    Stay bent..............

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    Default Re: And one idiot ruins it for everyone.

    I've spent 3/4 of my life exploring the outdoors and never caused a problem. During all these years I've pitched my tents and camped out while fishing or traveling to fish in 40 US. states and 9 provinces of Canada. Campfires have never been a part of my protocol unless it is winter and I am in an extended camp. I began using an MSR Wisperlight backpackers stove back in 1979 and ever since then fires made little sense. Yeah I've had small fires to roast a few hot dogs along a river side while floating but those fires were just large enough to get the job done. For all my needs like morning coffee and hot water to re-hydrate food the MSR does it all with little in the way of risk.

    Here we have a really nice log cabin & a big piece of land 80 miles from the nearest road. Worries about people and fires are at the top of the list when things are dry. There are careless people everywhere and this is no exception. Not everyone who travels the back country and pitches a tent will build fires and leave litter but the unfortunate truth is there are way too many that do and will continue to do this. Sorry to hear of the fire, I always feel bad for all the critters who will perish because of the senseless act of just one human.

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    Default Re: And one idiot ruins it for everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by billydafish View Post
    Probably a casual camper, ie drunk guy building a fire. This is why I HATE campers.
    Headed out for a week of fishing and camping in an hour
    The two go together like beer and pretzels
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    I almost always camp/fish together - with those pretzels and beer! Even built a few fires, when permitted. Doesn't take much beyond personal interest and responsibility to keep them safe. Always doused cold before leaving - even when we are planning to return. Must be the Boy Scout in me!

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