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Thread: rio line

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    Has anyone had experience with rio line? If so what lines can you get their new agent x coating on?

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    I've been using the Rio Grand WF5F on my 9' 5wt 4pc Sage XP with a Ross Evolution reel and it literally flies out the guides. I really like the match and it casts sweet. I also like the welded flyline tip loop to match up with looped leaders. I use both RIO and Orvis pre-looped leaders with no problems and no more nail knots.

    However, I believe if you keep any of the major name brand lines clean and dressed, they're all pretty much equal. I don't believe a "superslick coating" like RIO's "Agent X" is anything more than a marketing tool.

    RIO has a good site for their products.....

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    I have the opportunity to cast a lot of different lines. There is definitely a difference between lines, and how far you can cast them. I can cast the sage performance taper the farthest, but it doesn't float well. The Cortland 555 dynatip doesn't cast as far but it floats really well (still casts well if you keep it clean). I found the new Rio line to be a mix. The welded tip helps it float and the slick coating allows it to cast well. I think it's a pretty good choice of line. I fish the Cortland myself. If you need a 500 foot drift from a boat, a line that floats is priority.

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    For my floating line I use Rio something (the olive colored one) and it is absolutely incredible. It literally screams through my guides.

    If you are not looking for a floating line, screw RIO, get SA. Their uniform sink stuff is incredible!

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