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    My girlfriend caught her first rainbow trout the other day. The trout was about 12". I would like to have a replica made of it. I was wondering if anyone knew of any places that do this. Thank you.

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    Bass Pro actually does a really nice job with their replicas. They run about ~90-100 bucks an inch IIRC
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    A hundred dollars an inch? That's astronomical. I hope that's

    Just checked the website and trout under 24" are $239.95. Anything over is $10.00/inch. lol. Little more reasonable.

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    Most taxidermists can do replicas and they average about 100 a foot.
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    I missed this post and hope it's not to late. One of the top replica guys on the planet, Mat Yernatich, lives in Duluth MN. and has a company named Artistic Anglers. He is the only guy I would have do some species of fish like Smallmouth. You should see the Grayling I saw he did. The guy is awsome, and he's cheaper than most guys because most taxidermists don't really do replicas. They buy the unpainted one from him and paint and sell it to you. There is a huge cost in having a ton of molds. Most taxidermists have not got a single mold. All of the mounts in the Cabela's here in Grand Forks and Owatona are from him. Reed's in Walker too. Here is a link to his site.

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