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    Default Stomach/throat pump

    Interesting "discussion" on the U.K. Board about stomach pump/ throat pump.
    Mini turkey basters made for throat samples- just a rubber bulb with a plastic tube are use with a little bit of water to take throat samples of recently ingested food. Both Joni and I use them on stillwater to find the right fly for that time. A sample usually takes less than 2 seconds to perform.
    I'm in the camp of if it's done correctly, there is no harm done to the fish. I think it's more detrimental to the fish to have it out of the water for a dozen photo's, or layed on the grass, shoreline etc. Interesting too that I've seen on B.C. Outdoors where Brian Chan and Phil Rowley use the pump to sample the dinner fare.
    What's your take on the subject? Remember, I'm talking stillwater fishing.

    How do I pump a trout's stomach? - Fly Fishing Forums
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    Default Re: Stomach/throat pump

    I have one but have not used it yet. It's been done before an will continue to be done. Reading the book midge magic the author did this many many times to obtain samples. Proper fish handling and using the pump right shouldn't hurt the fish in my opinion.

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    I use one. The trout around here are often very selective on what they are feeding on. Here is an example of what I mean by selective. This sample shows ONLY caddis larva.

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    Default Re: Stomach/throat pump

    A snack for when you get hungry on the stream? ^^^^^^^

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    Default Re: Stomach/throat pump

    An angler at our club and myself talked about doing it on our next outing. Don't know about him, but I've got no clue as to the proper way so the link you posted was educational. Second to the last page post #69 has a video of an angler that seems to be using the pump with no harm. Thanks for showing this.

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    Default Re: Stomach/throat pump

    I have one , but have never used it. I'm afraid of damaging the trout's tender insides. I guess if I get one to the net that's bleeding I'll use it if I happen to have it with me after I dispatch the fish. There was a discussion on this about a year ago but I can't find it. I'll start a poll on it. I'm not trying to steal your thread , but I"m curious as to how many people use one...
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    Default Re: Stomach/throat pump

    Quote Originally Posted by mojo View Post
    I think it's more detrimental to the fish to have it out of the water for a dozen photo's, or layed on the grass, shoreline etc.
    I totally agree with this part! I avoid touching the fish at all cost and do my best to never take it out of the water.
    A throat sample, as I am told by folks I respect is not harmful IF done correctly.

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    Default Re: Stomach/throat pump

    I've always been curious about the process. Seems like a lot of other folks are too.

    So, Mojo and those of you that are experienced, maybe we could move toward the proper technique of using a stomach pump. I'd like to know, myself.


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    Default Re: Stomach/throat pump

    i second dean mt's motion for those with the experience of stomach pumping to educate us.

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    Default Re: Stomach/throat pump

    I like it when they puke baitfish... even I can figure that out! milt.
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