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Thread: rod suggestions

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    hey guys im just looking for your input on a new rod, right now i fish a sage 4wt. Its 7'6'' great for small streams and dry flies. Doest nymph well cant through a bead head at all and doesnt handle big trout well. So I'm looking for a rod to take out on the bigger rivers thats gonna really do everything for me. The only problem is I dont like rods to long like 8'6'' would be the longest I'd go, and Im not a fan of super fast action rods. Just looking for some suggestions.

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    A 9' 5wt is very standard. What is your opposition to 9' rods and what will you be fishing for?


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    Trout, mostly small streams although this is gonna be the rod i take to bigger rivers i still want it for nymphing on my home streams. Also, there is so much bank growth and over hanging branches where you have to fish from you knees most of the time, and you just cant fish it with a longer rod. Plus my roll cast kinda sucks.

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    8'6" might work well for ya.
    before i had a horrible roll cast. after getting a pretty good rod that fit me well it made all the diffrence in the world...i could roll cast 2 times as far with a good rod that fit my style as opposed to a rod that didnt fit my style...dont know why but thats how it worked for me might work for you as well.

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    For truly small streams I have used a 6'6" rod for a long time. If you are saying 'bigger rivers' I'm am taking this literally and I would not understand why you would not get a full 9' or even 9'6" rod. Please don't misunderstand my meaning here, if you currently owned an 8' 6" rod I would never suggest that an extra 6" of rod was going to make a big difference in your casting but when going from a 7'6" rod and wanting something for big waters move up a foot and a half, go to the '9'.

    I understand that a long rod can be an encumbrance back on a tight little stream and for that it sounds like you simply need to work on your casting technique for casting nymphs with your 4 weight. Unless you are trying to sling something really heavy a #4 rod should be able to present a nymph very well in close quarters.

    The roll cast is a matter of timing and technique. In order to get almost any fly rod to execute the roll cast well you must simply get the timing down so that once you draw the line into position for the cast you do not hesitate too long before making the forward sweep with the rod. If you are hesitating too long the fly and leader are sinking and the light #4 line does not have the gusto to rip it back to the surface and propel it to the target. This scenario (the sinking fly / leader and maybe even a couple foot of your fly line) are exactly where the timing becomes crucial. You must be practiced enough that when you are using this cast when fishing there is one smooth movement as you draw in the line and then propel it toward the target area. If a person has a bad style at the roll cast a longer rod will help to camouflage it because of the added loading power of the additional graphite shaft and the extra energy that it provides. However, in the end you will continue to have problems until you work the bugs out of the cast.

    Other than hands on practice perhaps doing some web searching and looking for videos on the roll cast and the single hand Spey cast will help you to better understand the timing issue I'm referring to. I fished many years on a spring creek where there was virtually no back cast to be had. I became good enough at the single and double Spey cast using a 9' 5 weight rod with a 36" lead head on the tip of my line and a size 2 feather wing streamer fly at the end of the leader to reach any spot on the water there. The casts I name here are simply very refined roll casts and they can be done with almost any rod.

    After saying all that, I still think you should get a 9' rod If you are a roll cast / wet fly kinda guy, then I would lean toward a medium action rod because it will load up easier on the roll cast for you.


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