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    Default Backyard practice?

    Ok, I know the old adage practice practice practice equates bettering oneself. I occasionally do this in the backyard with my cheap rig that I own right now, but I notice a few things. 1) the grass does not act very much like water, in fact it sometimes gets awfully snaggy (is that even a word!? ) and 2) it seems like it is kind of tough on the line (also thankfully a cheap line). I don't have any puddles, brooks or water bodies "reasonably" close enough to practice on. So I am stuck in the back Yard like it or not. Thus I am wondering if anyone has some possible solutions that would make backyard practice better? Lord knows when I get into my new (more expensive) rig I don't want to chew the line up on the grass.

    So, any ideas?


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    Default Re: Backyard practice?

    I keep an old line just for that. I also have 2 trees that get in the way... well they did untill I trimmed them, now I have to lopsided trees in the back yard. they sure are ugly now.

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    Default Re: Backyard practice?

    I do a great deal of casting practice on the grass and have for years. If the grass gets tall or weedy just prepare to lose some yarn flies and retie leaders and/or tippet a lot. I use tapered leaders but always just the very short leaders I used to just toss away.
    As for fly lines, no matter what you use just know they will discolor. Ain't no getting around that. Still, despite the discoloration my lines all shoot very well. All it takes is occasional cleaning with mild soap, a once-over with an SA microabrasive cleaning pad (if the line you use has a finish that is the same material to the core and not a slick surface treatment) and good line dressing. I use Glide or Rio Agent X that is a bit more work to apply but it works and lasts a long time. My thinking is that a slick line that isn't greasy attracts less dirt and doesn't wear itself out over the guides and grass.
    I have a couple of once very bright, Optic Orange XXD and Expert Distance lines that are a few years old and are far from pretty to look at yet still they act like some of the newer lines I've used. How they fish or float I can't say as I use them mainly on the grass.

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    Default Re: Backyard practice?

    I agree with Jackster.
    Lawn casting can make a line very dirty but doesn't wear em out. Just wash em up as best you can and reapply line dressing/mucillin.

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    Default Re: Backyard practice?

    I have lucked out, I have a gym at my church so I have spent a lot of time there practicing.

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    Default Re: Backyard practice?

    Some good advice, thanks! When I move up into my new fly rig I will just keep the old reel and line for practicing in the back yard. I was thinking of maybe laying out a tarp or some long cardboard sheets to avoid any of that "grass grab" effect. But at least now I know the grass is not doing undue harm to the line.


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