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    Default A strange idea but maybe a good fun one?

    on one of the other fishing sites i go to that i have been a member for years on (bass fishing and bass boats) they do kind of get togethers called "rallys" where people from the site get together for fun and fishing and have a small tournament at the same time and give away prizes donated from the sponsors of the website. i was courious if some would possibly want to do that on this site as well?
    its a ton of fun and a lot of good comradrie and so on....just kind of thinking out loud cause im bored at work today
    or maybe make it a one time a year thing in a central location for everyone maybe?

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    Default Re: A strange idea but maybe a good fun one?

    That would be fun, like at some fishing lodge some where, But where is a central location, this is a world wide community.

    I'm sure a lot of members here belong to their local FlyFishing club. Ours has there monthly meeting, monthly casting class, a tying class, a monthly fishout, planned fishing trip vacations, its a lot of fun and it could keep me busy every weekend, if I wanted to loose my kitchen pass. Look around, I hope you can find a local club.


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    Default Re: A strange idea but maybe a good fun one?

    Im meaning the people from just this website for a get together....would be a fun thing to do...i know would be hard with a lot of the people on here all over the country but thought would be a nice idea some place more central like maybe the White River area in AR...i know its not central but more central than some places i i said just talkin out loud cause im bored

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