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  1. Default What kind of hat do you wear?

    Weird title I know. But a serious subject none the less. I'm new here so I get a pass on my first posting.

    My Father-in-law had surgery on friday for skin cancer that had developed on his face. They took a good portion of facial tissue and some bone as a precaution. Looks like he's going to be OK, thank God. He has always been an avid outdoors type - rancher and gentleman farmer. His primary headwear had been his signature ball cap. Either a farm supply gimme or a Texas Rangers cap during the playing season. This ordeal sure got me to thinking about my own sun protection. Traditionally I have worn a ball cap, slapped on some sunscreen and pretty much left it at that. If it got really hot, I'd stuff a bandana under the hatband to protect my ears and neck. I've always been a bit of a cheap skate about my own headgear. The idea of spending real money on a hat just didn't register with me. I always figured the money was put to better use on a new line or some flys. No more. Its broad brim from here on out. Price be damned. Especially at altitude.

    What do you wear? And is it giving you enough protection? Think about it. Skin cancer is serious stuff. This was definitely a wake up call for me.

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    Good quality broad brim. Always. A 'crusher' or similar for fall, winter and spring, and a Panama or other light, cool one for summer. And that's not a dumb question at all, it's just something a lot of people don't think about. Welcome to the forum!

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  3. Default Re: What kind of hat do you wear?

    I wear just a regular old baseball cap of Champion Boats. It's the only hat I catch fish with so it's the only one I use

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    My lucky Filson Original Shelter hat or a good wool skull cap if its really cold out.

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    Since I'm somewhat thin on the top I always wear a hat and have for years. I prefer a broad brim, better all around protection. It also helps by keeping some of the glare away from my eyes. Good eye wear is essential, not only for protection but to better see fish in the water.

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    I wear a baseball cap on windy days, a straw cowboy hat on non-windy or middle summer (for the reason you said, the sun burn thing) and in the winter I wear either a Simms stocking cap (with a unique cut for collars) or a felt cowboy hat with internal ear flaps that can be pulled out of hat if needed or folded up in the hat if not.

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    Default Re: What kind of hat do you wear?

    I generally wear either a palm (straw-like) cowboy hat or this big floppy looking thing that belongs on an asian farm of some sort. (no, not the conical type) I go with that instead of a ball cap because that way i don't really have to worry about sunblock from the shoulders up. I also like the fact that I don't have to worry about reapplying sunblock or worry about it getting into my eyes. Dunking the hat in the water adds a nice cooling effect too.

    Another thing we should keep in mind is sun protection for our hands. A long sleeve shirt will protect your arms well, but it sure leaves the back of your hands exposed. I can vouch that the tan spandex-type sun gloves really are plenty comfortable to wear and don't interfere with casting or knot tying. Backs of hands are another common area for skin cancer to show up and one that we should protect.

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    Default Re: What kind of hat do you wear?

    I wear a broad brimed techstraw hat from Riverz. I don't like to put on sunscreen because how it makes me feel but I do need the protection from the sun.The Sweetie didn't come with the hat.Fish hard.
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    Default Re: What kind of hat do you wear?

    Boonie hat, gov't issue, woodland camo....


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    The Riverz or the LOCHSA is what I ment by straw hat. Althought it is not straw, it is plastic so very durable. I love the chin stap on it also. I was one of the first to buy this when it came out and took some flack from the guys, but I noticed that all the guys were wearing them at the lodge this year.

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