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Thread: Trout and light

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    Default Trout and light

    I am just wondering if trout are sensitive to colored light. Would they be spooked by a dim red light from a head lamp? There are a couple of places I want to fish at night but it would be really hard to walk in without any type of light. So I was hoping I could use the red light on my head lamp that is pretty dim but still allows you to see where youre going.


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    Default Re: Trout and light

    I can't say about trout specifically, but a red light doesn't seem to bother striped bass (where a sudden white light would send them flying).

    And the other bonus is that it doesn't affect your night vision the way a white light does-- it might take 20 minutes for eyes to readjust to the dark after turning on a white light.

    For what it's worth, while actually fishing at night I keep the lights off unless I really ned them to unhook a fish (the least likely "problem" in my case) or untangle something (very likely).

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