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    Default Glass Stages a Come-back

    Fly Fish American has put out their Editor's Choice awards for 2011 and one of the rods that scored at the top with them is Scott's fiberglass F2. They picked the 7'10" 3 wt. as their top presentation rod for small to medium-size streams.

    I know that Mojo was psyched about his new F2 a month or so ago.

    Other top rods in the Editor's Choice category, were:

    1. St. Croix's Bank Robber in 6 and 7 wts., as a streamer rod

    2. Winston'S BIIIX; which they say has it all over the BIIX (hard to beleive, the BIIX is such a good rod in my opinion)

    3. Sage's TXL-F; particularly the 7'10" 00 wt.

    For reels, they liked:

    1. Ross's new F1

    2. Willow Classic's single action

    The 2011 Annual issue has a pretty good run-down on presentation rods.

    I like glass and routinely fish a Diamondback Diamondglass 7'6" 3 wt. as my preferred small stream presentation rod. So, perhaps there's an S2 in my future somewhere; if I can ever find some good water................


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    Default Re: Glass Stages a Come-back

    Glass is addicting! Since I found a proper replacement for my Lami I've been having more fun fishing than I did when I was a kid! I've been hearing some rumblings about the new Scott but with a 500+ price tag Fenwick, Lami, and a few others sound a little better.
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    Default Re: Glass Stages a Come-back

    Most of my fishing is done with glass rods,Im not a very good caster and glass is alot more forgiveing of my mistakes.

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