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Thread: Thank You Joni:

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    finally got a chance to try your fly line loop. put it on my 8wt on monday night and got out today. i was very impressed and pleased to say the least. was using a 12lb. p-line tippet (salmon fishing) got snagged up several times and had to break off. no easy task with that tippet. the fly line loop never budged. wouldn't have tried that at all with the cortland braided leader connector. very easy to do and didn't interferre at all with my guides and the performance of the rod or line. unfournately no fish though. water was moving very fast on the river. we've had several inches of rain in the last week. the people that were catching were all telling me that they were hoping to see me hook up into one just to witness the fight. all those people were using regular gear and about a ounce or 2 weight just to keep there spawn sacks in place. rough day out and about.

    again thanks for the tip.

    jerry freet
    aka freeze6

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    RIGHT ON! I would have like to hear you hooked up also, more pictures.
    Glad it worked for you....I just love it whan a plan comes together
    You might want to check for wear or cracks in the loops ones in awhile. Make sure the mono isn't cutting into the line, but no big deal, just do it again.
    After that 34" I caught I think I am doomed to go for the STEELIES now.
    Alright though, got the 8wt with the 3" fighting butt for my weenie arms

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    planning on going out again tomorrow. hoping the water level goes down a bit from above the dam. if it does then i'll be in the water instead of about 10 feet above it. did see a interesting device there today though. a gentleman took a pool cleaning pole and put a net on the end and ended up with a net with about a 30 foot reach and terrific strengh. will have to keep the watching for wear and what not. still a lot better than heating up the line to heat shrink a braided loop on.

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    I tried that same loop and it really is nice.

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    what loop might this be?

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    Joni - No matter "where" you post, it's always sage advice. You keep this up and somebody is going to write a book about you. Nice work again......
    The head, the tail, the whole damn thing

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    I am proud of my fishing (the fact that I get to do as much as I do), But I do want to say, that these aren't my ideas, just stuff i pick up on the way and I am not too proud to give credit where credit is due. Alas, I got this idea from a magazine several years ago, so I don't recall when, where, or what it was called.

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