Hi. I'll make a really quick intro - my name is Andrew and I'm a NY transplant that now lives in Richmond, VA. Been fly fishing for ~20 years, but I'm not exclusive -- meaning I'm not afraid to gear up and finesse a fluke. I've poked around here for a little while and finally have a question to post to the wealth of knowledge residing here at the advice of a fellow member. And... I couldn't think of a better place to ask this question and get some straight answers. Hopefully someone here knows what to do.

I got invited to a wedding in September that will be taking place in Zion National Park. I would like to bring my travel fly rod in addition to the hiking, yoga, drinking, festivities that will be taking place in hopes of sneaking away one morning to practice my casting.

Does anyone have a good suggestion for the area that they would be willing to share? No secret honey holes or anything, just something to help me wet the ol 5wt and perhaps if I'm lucky - entice a strike or two.

For your trouble, a peek at some upstate NY trout and bass I had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year:

The home waters in NY...

And in Richmond...

Tight lines and thanks in advance!