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Thread: vibration maker

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    Default vibration maker

    I went this past weekend out on Lake Okeechobee with a couple of good friends, both spin casters. I was using my 6wt. We got out early enough that the fish were near the surface in the spikerush and maidencane fringe. The water was kind of murky from the wind and algae. They were using rattle baits and all kinds of noise makers on the surface. They had pretty good luck landing about a half dozen 1-3 pounders apiece.

    I managed a couple of good sized blue-gills on size 6 and 8 poppers. Once it warmed up they went deeper with the another group of these rattle baits and noise makers. The fishing slowed down but they still managed a few. I managed another bluegill on a wooly bugger.

    My question is what do you use to make a commotion below the surface when it get warms and drives the fish deeper under these conditions?

    At least I didn't get skunked. I also got whacked in the shin by one of my best friends big rattle baits. I always wondered if stomach punching a hook barb through my skin. I can.



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    Default Re: vibration maker

    I've never tried it, but you can add a few beads to a fly. They will then clatter around giving you the same effect.

    Here is a site that explains it as well as a few examples.

    Fly Fishing West Georgia & Beyond - Bead Rattle Fly

    Anthony Laurence
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    Default Re: vibration maker

    flat face, cup faced popper- I'm sitting here trying to think of something that could vibrate effectively on a fly rod setup, you'd have to strip in about the same rate they were retrieving.
    stiff hackled white muddler of some kind?

    edit: HA! make your own spinner blades- I bet plastic heated up would take a twist/pitch. Hole big enough to slip over the barb, then tied with a bead to allow the prop to spin. Hairbody or styro/foam body. AND the obligatory rubber legs. I bet it buzzes like a bumble bee on a power cast.
    I'd like some, or at least name it after me when you sell thousands.

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    Default Re: vibration maker

    They make many noise making tie ins for flies. Rattles, rattle eyes, spinner blades, propeller blades. Other than the rattle eyes I've never used any of the others.

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    Default Confession of a Fly Rod Purist;


    Perhaps finding a way to create flies that would compete with crank baits would be rewarding. I found that fishing for stillwater bass with the fly rod was very labor intensive given the low yield. I used to fish with a guy who would dead drift live shiners while I double hauled big buggers and the like. My friend was duly impressed with how far I could cast a fly but he was also catching about 20/1 with his bait over my flies.

    After a few hours of our first trip for bass together I ask for a set up like he was using. He rigged me up and I still have the pictures of me smiling while holding those 17" Smallies. The following Monday I bought a 10' Zebco noodle rod and a Shimano 4000 reel, spooled it with 6 lb and got myself an aerator for the bait. I fished for bass this way for several years and had a ball doing it. The fish were most often lip hooked and in the West Branch of the Susquehanna River if you had 100 shiners you could catch 100 bass if you had a good day. I discovered that sometimes swimming with the current is the best way to go.


    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: vibration maker

    I speak gear...

    Worm Rattles.
    Soft plastic baits, soft plastic fishing lures

    I've lashed a few to my crayfish patterns.
    "I knew a tier once. One time he was holding a lump of cat hair he found on his couch, sort of twirling it about his fingers, tugging at it. I asked, what in the hell are you doing man? He looked startled, ashamed. But I knew what he was thinking. right then and there I decided to just buy my fly's thankyouverymuch." ~ cwg

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    Default Re: vibration maker

    I'm not a purist, and will throw plugs etc without a second thought.

    As far as flies go, there are rattles, beads and propellers etc.

    But also think about flies that push a lot of water-- these can be stuff like poppers, stuff with spun deer hair (divers, bass bugs or muddlers), stuff tied with splayed tails that "kick" when stripped (like keys style tarpon flies), or flies tied to have a big profile. Some flies like those tied with rabbit strips or EP fibers can be a bit difficult to cast. But others like "Hollow Flyes" (reverse tied with bucktail) can be sparsely tied and easy to throw but have a big "presence" in the water. These types of flies will send out tons of vibrations that fish can pick up from a distance

    And as a general guideline, you might want to use stiffer materials in fast water and softer materials in slower water. Stuff like marabou, rabbit, fox tail, and palmered or wound soft feathers like hen have a lot of action in slow water, but tend to compress in faster current. A better choice might be stiffer materials like bucktail, calftail, squirrel, wound/palmered rooster hackle.

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